Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ice Cream with some body!

With a few birthdays coming up for some special little girls is was time for some present sewing.
 It is a while since I used my oliver+s Ice Cream dress pattern. In fact,I have only used it a few times,but each time to great success.

I made this pretty version for Tildy before I started the gift versions. As it is coming into winter I decided to line it,for warmth and to give it some oophm.
few lovelies were kind enough to request a tutorial........their wish is my command!

Here we go Flo....
Following the pattern instructions construct the yoke.
There is a full tutorial and sew-a-long here.
Cut a second blouse front and back from a lining fabric. I like to use a cotton-rich poplin.
Sew the sides seam as directed.
Trim the side seams.
And clip the curve up to but not through the stitching.
Do the same with the lining.
Yes,my lining did change from red to blue. I was making two and the blue photographed better. Not magic I am afraid,wouldn't that be fun!
Neaten the edge over the notches.
Press the seam allowance towards the side.
Press the lining seam allowance to the opposite side.

Sew a basting stitch around the bottom as a fold line to help create an even hem.
Tuck under the raw edge to make a narrow hem.
Do the same with the lining.
Sew the hem.
Remove the basting stitches.
Press well.
Place the lining and the outer blouse right sides together.
(Sorry 'bout the fussy photo)
Pin the underarm seams together.
Face the seam allowances in opposite directions to stagger weight.

Trim the seam allowance.
Pull the blouse pieces out.
Press the seam,rolling the lining to the inside.
Poke the lining to the inside of the blouse.
You may like to edge stitch at this point.
I do.
Press the seam flat.
And then press the underarm flat.
Pin the lining to the blouse matching the notches.
Baste or overlock the edges together taking great care not to cut off the notches!
Neatening the edges can be very helpful as it prevents fraying and a thready mess when this edge is gathered.

Continue sewing the bodice to the yoke as directed.

As there is more bulk due to the lining I found I had to clip very closely to the stitch-line.
After pinning in place I found this point still a little fluffy.
I found it helpful to hand tack the bottom of the opening before top-stitching.
After top-stitching I sewed a narrow zigzag as a bar tack-Just to keep things sturdy!

And there you have it!
An Ice Cream with some extra body.
Seam free on the inside.
Ice Cream blouse size 2T and Ice Cream dress size 6-12 months.

Perhaps a double scoop?

Or a gelati?
x N


  1. Eeep!! Love the Creative Thursday one! Thank you for the tute,...,

  2. seam free! how wonderful. I could watch your sewing tutorials every day. xoxo

  3. Delicious -- and I love the bar tack -- that's the spot I always muff up. -- Sarvi

  4. Thank you Girls,if it is any help at all that is my pleasure!
    x N

  5. I love this pattern! And I love the idea of doing a lined version. Very nice!

  6. I promptly pinned it when you first posted it but am just now sitting down to thank you for sharing it!:)

  7. Thank you Inder&Cindy. It does give a wonderful fullness.
    I would love to see a bright lining under a sheer muslin!

    x N