Thursday, December 10, 2015

Play Clothes for Tildy

Just as a girl needs smart things .....
She needs clothes for play.
The School Bus tee
And the Puppet Show shorts.
Not a bad little combo.
Tildy is quite slight, her measurements put her in the size 4 but she is of average height so I lengthened the tee to a size 7.
I used a very stretchy cotton/lycra and resisted top stitching the neck line. If I had it would not have gone over her noggin.
The transfer is from VanIkke and they are worth every penny.
The shorts are sewn in some Ikat scraps. I didn't have quite enough to do bias leg bands so I cut them on the straight grain.
So far, so good.
Perfecting her 'Blue Steel'
I am really pleased with the fit of this tee.
I think I may try running the cover stitch over the neck line on my next one as I do like a topstitched seam.
She still has a toddler tummy....

xx N


  1. Lovely togs for Miss Tildy. Those shorts are fabulous; I want to copy them! My oldest still has her toddler tummy too - funny as her younger sister has lost hers!

  2. Thank you Masha.
    Hugo had his toddler tummy longer the the Twins did, it is funny how different they all are.
    Zara has a pair of Ikat shorts too, I love hers as well.
    xx N

  3. She looks so cute. Freya would love those transfers (and she will wear shorts now that she has learned to ride her bike without training wheels!)

  4. Yay for Freya, Tilly still has her trainer wheels on, we must get on to that.
    The transfers are so cute, it is hard not to buy them all.
    xx N

  5. Love that transfer. I'm sure you've referenced that shop before, but thanks for the reminder. Great outfit. I need to sew more summer kids shorts for bike riding days too!

    1. Thank you Shelley.
      I know you are very talented and pat your own stencils but there is something about the cutesy 1950's graphics that pulls me in.
      xx N

  6. It's so fun to see your warm weather makes; It's been rather cold on our side of the world! The bunny transfer is adorable :)

  7. Hee hee Kristin, I always no seeing the Winter makes when we are boiling hot!
    Thank you.
    xx N