Tuesday, December 22, 2015

WIP Winner.

Last year I cleared out nearly all of my WIP's.
I figured if I had not sewn in by now it was not going to happen.
But I hung on to this rugby.
It is a Kwiksew, I am not sure which one, I cut for Hugo.
I must have been short of fabric as I didn't match the sleeves.
It still sort of works.
The fabric is a thick poly/cotton knit, think Canterbury tops form the 90's.
I made it with Liddy in mind but Elsa snaffled it.
Paired here with City Gym shorts.
I added cotton webbing covered side vents and extra tape at the collar neck.
And some sporty stencilling.
It is nice to have a win.

xx N


  1. This suits her so well and she's such a great model!!

  2. Thank you Inder, she can be quite photogenic when she feels like it.
    xx N

  3. It looks great - I'd have thought you'd chosen to do the mirror-image sleeves if you hadn't mentioned it! Love the city gym shorts too. I have a pair in my WIP pile - maybe it's time to make them.

    1. What a good idea Catherine, I 'meant' to do mirror image sleeves, I shall remember that!
      The City Gym shorts are a pretty good WIP, 1 hour sewing time.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  4. That is a win!! See, there is a reason to hold on to those WIPs :) I still cannot imagine you having WIP pile. You churn out so many great garments!

  5. Thank you Kristin.
    Elsa is not easy to sew for, ironic that she loves a random sew cut for her brother.
    And no more WIP's, I am like an ex-smoker now, if I can't sew it, I won't cut it.
    xx N