Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sneaky School Jumprope.

Matilda is a-growing.
And new school uniforms are needed.
An old favourite, the Jumprope dress.
Size 6 with a few inches added to the hem.
Nasty poly/cotton micro houndstooth.
With a sneaky Liberty surprise.
Cotton webbing to stop badges from damaging the dress and sweet MoP heart shaped buttons (Tilly's buttons).
Cute as a button.
Apple of my eye.
Someone is growing up.
Such a great little uniform.
Wistful badge pinning.
Fingers crossed.

xx N


  1. These make such lovely uniforms - I'm really jealous as my daughter's school uniform for next year is navy regulation trackpants (blergh!), red polo shirt and navy regulation unisex knit shorts for the summer. Sigh... not a feminine touch in sight.

    1. It does make a lovely uniform Aynsley, thank you.
      I understand the unisex uniform policy, in fact I totally agree with it but I am happy to make tunics for those really hot days.
      xx N

  2. placket looks especially lovely, such tidy stitching (she is a sweetie!)

  3. Thank you Colette.
    I always feel awesome after sewing that.
    xx N

  4. Clever trick with the webbing! She looks lovely xx

  5. Thank you Catherine.
    We had a couple of ripped tunics.
    xx N

  6. I agree, it is a clever trick with the cotton webbing. She is so cute in her new uniform :)

  7. Thank you Kristin, I sew them on the polo's too.
    Needs must!
    I do love her in a school tunic.
    xx N

  8. Oh I wish I could do this too. Our school has a very particular plaid/check which is manufactured offshore by the company that makes the uniform and is completely unavailable to the homesewist. And they're crap quality garments that don't fit. I'll stick with the navy skirt/pants and polo tops after all.
    Lucky Tilly to have such a cute uniform dress

  9. Just a thought, do you have second hand uniforms? Could you buy a huge one and cut it back?
    Our school is fazing out the uniform dress for the more practical shorts and polo but on a stinker, you cant beat a dress.
    Thank you Shelley.