Saturday, December 19, 2015

White Shirts

Everyone needs one and I have been sewing a few lately.
Another McCalls 2353, size 8 with a FBA (full botty adjustment)

In a fine white linen with black buttons.
A coloured button hole is the look de jour.
Tres jolie, très chic.
And another for Elsa.
This time in a cotton/linen mix.
With reversed MoP buttons(stitched with brown thread) and a navy feature button hole.
Such a nice shape.
Love a white shirt.
And one more for me!
The same fine linen as Zara's.
Double red button holes for me.
And again at the sleeve placket.
My collar stand worked!
Modified for my tiny shoulders....
With lots of room for my big other bits.

I love a nice white shirt.


  1. Seriously! Just casually whipped up THREE perfect shirts?!!!
    Whatever performance enhancing sewing thing you've got, I want some!
    Beautiful work Nicole. Beautiful.

  2. Shelley, thank you!
    I must confess, these were sewn over a few months but thank you so much for your kind words.
    xx N

  3. These are all gorgeous! I can't wear white because I'm so pale; but you three look so sophisticated in your shirts! I especially love all the details like the colored button holes.

    Thanks for the Christmas Card!! My kids were so excited to see what came over the ocean ;-) You all look so lovely in your card this year :D I look forward to them! Enjoy your holidays!

    1. Thank you, I do love a white shirt.
      I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
      xx N

    2. We did! I hope yours was wonderful too :D

  4. These look great! Can you say a little more sometime about how you alter the shirt for your small shoulders? I find that my shirts are usually a bit baggy in the shoulders, but I usually just live with it.

  5. Thank you Katherine.
    This link may help
    xx N