Sunday, December 15, 2019

Clever Charlotte Finch Shorts for Matilda

Tildy had a camp and camp means new clothes!

We made some pyjamas
Next some shorts.
Clever Charlotte Finch Shorts
Our Favourite shorts.
We have made them a few times before
I made Matilda the size 8.
For her 'going out' pair, a pretty velveteen from Spotlight (now on sale) which we plucked from the remnant bin.
I lined them with some coral stretch satin.
It makes them warmer to wear plus velveteen can be a bit grippy over tights.
We chose pink, enamelled coconut shell buttons and stitched them with red embroidery thread.
Although Tilly is ten, Finch shorts have very generous ease in the badonkadonk so she is very comfortable.
So cute!
The second pair were for the days school uniform was required.
For her school versions, I like to stitch the tabs down, in place, just to avoid possible play ground accidents.
This pair is in a stretch cotton drill from the remnant table at Elizas Fabrics, finished with faux tortoiseshell buttons stitched with pale blue thread.
Again, plenty of booty room and nicely fitting leg cuffs.
Very snappy with her school polo.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the bright and pastel colours on the jet black and the fabric is very smooth and soft.
It worked perfectly with my Valley Girl limited edition fluffy Shirt.
My friends all said that they wanted one pair of the exact same shorts, fabric and all.
I love the Finch short pattern they are very comfy and I love them. 
They are very easy to run in and there was a big playground where we were staying and it was easy to run and move.
~My Verdict~
I have said it all before, the Finch Shorts are an absolute favourite.
They look super snappy in all sorts of fabric. They have plenty of ease through the bottoms but the part elastic waist allow for cinching in and the flat front stops them looking too babyish.
There are a lot of pieces but that makes them a scrap buying dynamo, they use up those remnant pieces beautifully.
Clever Charlotte were a lovely company.
Thank you for reading .... xx Nicole

PS I do have a step by step tutorial here , you are most welcome. 


  1. I love these shorts! Her styling is spot-on as well.

    1. Have you made them? They are a winner.
      Thank you xx N