Friday, December 13, 2019

Oliver+S Sleepover Pyjamas for Matilda

Tildy has just had a school camp.
She was just a little bit excited....

A camp means new clothes, something special to show your chums.
The children predominately wear school uniform but casual clothes are allowed for selected activities.

Tildy wrote a list (she loves a list, just like her mummah)

First item was new pyjamas.
Image from the O+S website

Oliver+S Sleepover pyjamas
I sewed Matilda the size 10 and they are a wee bit big BUT we are coming into Summer so I wanted some growth room.
The cuffs can fold up if the drag on the ground.
The fabric is a flannelette from Spotlight, Horsham. We popped in one day and they had a sale where if you purchased the bolt, you only paid $2/m (and as I have a VIP, it was further discounted).
I think there was around 15m on the roll. It is quite narrow and my other, adult pyjama pattern Lisette B6296 is fabric hungry, so that won't last long!
Matilda chose black piping and clear buttons to make the fairy cakes 'pop'.
I was going to use pink piping and white buttons with each stitched in a different colour embroidery floss.
Piping can complicate a project but this is one in which it makes it easier.
Adding piping makes it easier to turn the edge of the facing.
~Tilly's Verdict~
absolutely love the shape and pattern of the pyjamas.
I chose the clear buttons because they looked cooler than all of the other buttons that we tried, I also chose the black piping to make the fabric pop out more.
The first night on my camp we went to the kitchen and I was in my pyjamas and an older lady said that I definitely had the best pyjamas in my whole class [18 in all not including me] I felt extremely special.
~My Verdict~
A lovely sew, like all O+S patterns.
I prefer a pj pattern with a collar but Tilly really likes these. I have found my older children prefer flannelette pj bottoms and a t-shirt top so I assume this shirt falls more into that category.
The cuff is cut in two (to allow for directional print when folded up) but I prefer to cut mine as one.
I add my piping to the flat cuff and then sew it, enclosing all the raw seams.
I often think I should add sleeve cuffs as well.
The legs are cut in one piece, without a side seam, so are very comfortable. You do have to open up the fabric and cut one leg at a time so you need to be aware of the direction of the print.
Liesl Gibson drafts a good bottom. She has an excellent rise with sufficient booty room but the legs are not baggy.
I suppose that is why, even though I have a selection of pj patterns (current and vintage Big4) I keep coming back to this one.

Thank you for reading... xx N