Sunday, December 15, 2019

KwikSew 2237 All-in-one Swimsuit for Matilda

She's just so shiny!
Tildy knew exactly what sort of swimsuit she wanted for camp.
An all-in-one zipped up suit.
KwikSew 2237 was her choice, full body please Mumma!
Tilly's measurements were in between the size 8 and 10 so I went with the 10 as the fabric we chose is actually for dance rather than swimsuit.
A little back story, we found this fabric at Horsham Spotlight and they were having a sale, buy the bolt and get it for $2/m.
At that price, we could afford to have a play with it!
For how fabulous it looks it was a really straight forward sew.
All the panels and pieces took longer to draft and cut than actually sew!
It was very important to cut the matching notches out as there is only a 6mm seam allowance with Kwiksew.
It is a little baggy through the body but as it is dance fabric I think that ease is needed.
It should also mean I can make the same size, next year, in proper swim fabric and it will still fit.
The fact that it is dance fabric doesn't bother Tildy one bit!
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the metallic blue scales on black.
Mrs V could spot me in the pool straight away, even when I was one the bottom.
At one point I was wandering around the campsite (in my swimmers) and lots of people were looking at me.
On the day we went surfing it was really cold but I had my swimsuit, a wetsuit and then a t-shirt so I was really warm.
My friend Ruby made me play a mermaid game with my legs stuck together.
Miss Ballard said I had the best swimsuit.
I have wanted a full body swimsuit for quite a while and when Mum found that fabric I knew I wanted it.
It was really comfy, I didn't need knickers under it.
I have asked Mum to put a tab behind the zipper as it did scratch a bit a the top (good to know NMK)
~My Verdict~
I love KwikSew patterns.
They are not 'sexy' many are down right comical looking but they are brilliantly drafted.
The way the pattern pieces are laid out on the master copy make it quite easy to draft multiple sizes into one (something I used frequently with the Twins).
The instructions are basic but very good with simple diagrams for the fiddly bits.
The fabric was surprisingly easy to sew.
PS I know now it could do with a wee tab under the zipper top as it was a bit scratchy.
It didn't slip around and, although it puckered a wee bit with the zipper insertion, a few tugs when finished popped them right out!
Thank you for reading... xx Nicole 


  1. Wow... she looks so happy. The fabric choice is sparkly and fabulous, the swimsuit is amazing and so are your sewing skills.

    1. Thank you!
      She was so happy with this suit, which makes me so very happy.
      xx N

  2. I love Tilly and her fashion sense. She looks so happy and the fabric is so cool!

    1. And we love YOU for introducing us to 'Shiny'
      Thank you Lotta.
      xx N