Monday, December 16, 2019

OOP Style 1738 Blouse made into a dress for Zara

Last September, Zara asked me to make her a dress for her birthday.
I was happy to and suggested she look through my patterns.
She didn't find a dress but she did find a blouse and asked if I could lengthen it.
What she was after was essentially a 'princess' or 'fit and flare' and I thought I could extend the bottom of the pattern pieces following the existing angle.
Zara loved view 1
The other issue was that I was working with only measurements as Zara is no longer at home.
Thus, I found myself one evening whilst Jed was at a meeting, extending the pattern (I knew those tissue scraps would come in handy one day) blending the size 10 at the bust, 8 at the waist and out to the 16 at the hips.
I used some lovely fabric I picked up in a bulk lot from a dealer in Melbourne.
He said he purchased it from a boutique in the fashion district.
It takes a very hot iron so has a high cotton content but also a beautiful, silky hand, maybe some rayon?
It is a gorgeous ivory/cream with a subtle sheen to the finish.
As I was only going to get one chance to fit the dress I constructed the back and the front separately, attaching the facings and neatening the side seams.
I then basted the side seams with a large stitch, flipping the facings down and pinning in place.
I took a leap of faith and sewed the facings and under stitched them as well.
I was hopeful that any alterations could be made at the side seams.
Zara was staying at our beach cottage with friends and we had a sofa to deliver there so I grabbed the chance at a fitting.
I couldn't believe it, it was perfect!
As usual, Zara and I squabbled over the length but she agreed to a deep hem and I put it up by hand.
The buttons are oval, MoP but they all broke so they need replacing with something sturdier.
The over-the-top shoulder ties really make it something different!
~Zara's Verdict~
The dress is absolutely divine!
cannot believe how gorgeous it is. Somehow this dress transforms me into a Greek goddess. The cream colouring is so divine, paired with the elegant mother of pearl buttons it is truly a designer piece.
I cannot stress this enough, my mother is a miracle worker (she better not have edited this out)
I am so lucky to have a mother that sews, I would never be able to afford such a lovely and well fitting dress on my uni student budget.
~My Verdict~
I think my girls are so clever!
It never ceases to amaze me what they come up with looking at the patterns.
I know I taught them to look at line drawings but it is edifying that they do!
This was a fun sew and I would love to recommend the pattern but, unfortunately, I have not been able to find it anywhere.
Possibly is was released in Australia under 1738 and another code internationally?
I am not sure where I got it from, maybe an OpShop or it wa given to me.
(I am frequently given boxes of sewing bits and bobs from people no longer sewing)
Anyway, it was a happy find and Zara has asked for a gingham version.
I am happy to oblige.
Thank you for reading.... xx Nicole 


  1. I love how they design their styles based on patterns you have, and how you fulfill their dreams. My oldest has been waiting on me to sew her a pair of leopard print leggings for a month now ... I have to just do it!

    1. Thank you Masha!
      It gets harder as they get older and get their own options (he he) Zara and I always squabble about length but at the end of the day, if you cant wear a mini at 20, when can you?
      Make this leopard legging, you will make you daughter very happy!
      xx N

  2. I never would have seen the possibilities in this pattern! Well done, Zara, it's super cute! I love the length and the deep hem gives it a bit more weight in case of a light breeze, lol!

    1. I told her she needs to wear good knickers!
      Thank you Inder, it is fun to see what they come up with and after all, its only fabric!
      xx N