Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Mimi G Georgia skivvy for Nicole

A new sew for me, the Mimi G Georgia skivvy.

She had me at the shoulder ruffles...

Multiple pregnancies, no fondness for sit ups, health issues and blah blah blah has lead to my favourite jeans not being comfortable so I have embraced dungarees (to be blogged)  I am always looking for a cute top to style under them.

I was a  little unsure of sizing, my first instinct was to size up but you don't want a sloppy fit under dungarees. I chose a super soft and stretchy cotton/modal from my #ElizasofSunshine stash and went with the size L.

I also didn't add any stabilising to the shoulder seams as the pattern didn't call for it.

As you can see, the ruffles 'fall' off the shoulders on the mannequin and ended up way down my arms.

When I sewed the next one I used a similar knit but ironed thin strips of interfacing to the wrong side of the front and back shoulder seams.

It was a subtle but definite improvement.
Then I decided I wanted a fabulous ruffle.
I had just enough of this very stretchy but firm cotton/lycra to make a 3/4 sleeve version.

I crazy balls LOVE this one. It fits firmly but not tightly. The ruffles sit nicely up on my shoulders and the arms are not too firm on my bursitis. I also find the 3/4 sleeve great for household duties. I am constantly washing my hands and this length is great for that.

Spurred on by my success I decided on an evening version in this lovely, sparkly lurex/poly knit.

A bit too snazzy for everyday but will be fabulous for going out.

To make sure I didn't get any tucks in my seams I embraced basting with this project. I also overlocked the edge of the ruffle before I gathered it, just to prevent curling edges.
Once everything was in place and I had checked all sides, I overlocked in place and then removed the holding stitches.

~My Verdict~
I like Mimi G patterns. A good mix of Indy and Big4 in their presentation and directions.
The sizing is inclusive and there are good range of images of all body shapes.
The neck is a kind fit, it is slim but not tight. I struggle with firm things around my throat and can easily feel strangled, no problem here.

I really like how the skivvy fits, it nips in under my bust but skims over my tummy. I feel like I have some shape without feeling squashed.
If I was wearing this top as 'outer' wear, I would size up through the body but the fit is just right for me under my dungarees.
The shoulder ruffles are adorable but you could easily omit them if they are a bit twee for you.
Not too twee for me!
I am absolutely embracing my 'inner toddler'.

Thank you for reading... xx Nicole 



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