Sunday, August 14, 2011

Doesn't Everyone use a Tractor to Garden?

I used to have a beautiful garden.....but then I had lots of children.
Something had to go!

Next weekend sundial removed and lop the pine tree's?
We can hope.
x N


  1. I love seeing this as a whole day project - the change from day to night! Bet you all slept well last night!

  2. We did Justine,Thank you!
    Jed took the netballers off to an wind up and Son and I kept clearing until they got back!
    Next week I am going to prep dampers to eat at smoko and get the billy out!
    It was great fun!

  3. Many hands make light work! Looks like you all had a productive and busy day.
    But as a former Firefighter, I had to close my eyes at the photos of the fire, on bare ground, during daylight hours and near the tractor full of fuel. Yikes!

  4. Don't worry Deb!
    Huge,high pressure hose set up,fire constantly supervised,bare ground=little fuel and it is winter!
    (And the tractor is diesel,but I am sure you have seen plenty of terrible things and understand your concern)

  5. Is that the official, approved use of a fork lift? HA! I really enjoy looking at these pictures. I need an Aussie translation machine for this one: "I am going to prep dampers to eat at smoko and get the billy out!" What???? He he he

  6. I missed this comment Sandi!
    Damper is a yeast less bread,that you can season to taste wrapped in foil and baked in a fire. The outside is black and when you crack it open it is fluffy and warm and the children eat chunks smeared with butter and vegemite.
    The billy is a bucket like kettle that you boil water in and then put your tea in with a few gum leaves and swing it around to mix it. You have lots of sugar and usually some milk from a jam jar that has been sitting in a trough to stay cool.