Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sale

Those that know me know I like pink and I am very into wool fibres.

Well,we have a sheep stud that produces,among other attributes,fine merino wool.
We are a very new stud,starting up when many old type sheep producers are getting out of the business.
Our aim is to breed a multi purpose animal and we are working towards(again)being non-mulesing.
Yesterday we held our third auction.....and it went very well!
I though I would share some photos from our 'special day.'

Now this is what it is all about-checking the fleece.

Everyone has their own system and method.

The fleece is parted and checked for whiteness,softness and crimp.

Depending on your ewes,you choose a ram that will enhance their best features by 'corrective mating.'

Thats all folks!


  1. Looks exciting :)

    So, how do you breed and raise rams without keeping females as well?

  2. Oh - and what do you do with the females that are born when you only want rams?

  3. I just got an education while googling non-mulesing. And I highly recommend that one doesn't search for images of 'myiasis'...especially right before lunch!

    Why are so many sheep producers getting out of the business?

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos and story about the auction.
    Your girls look lovely in their pink outfits. The auctioneers were in pink too. Is that a tradition?
    Here in Ontario at the country fairs, all the boys who have raised a calf for show (to hopefully win an award) must wear a milk white shirt and black pants at the fair during judging. It's a tradition.

  5. Cindy, you know the second you said "don't do it," I did it! ;)

    What is the alternative to mulesing?

  6. I've just been educated too! I'll only be able to talk about it on-line though as i can't work out at all how to pronounce 'mulesing' in real life. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

  7. Are those "jump rope shirts" on the twins? Or what are they? They all look great! :)

  8. The ram stud is a small part of our farming program Sandi. It started as Jed's hobby and has taken off from there.
    We run 5ooo ewes,2ooo of those are ram breeders on 45oo acres,but we also have an extensive cropping program.
    The ewe lambs are classed by a professional,the best become future ram breeders. The next best become flock ewes for wool production.
    The culls are sold and may be bought to breed fat lambs(crossbreds) but would generally be eaten.

    The market is demanding a better product more humanely farmed Cindy.
    That requires research,time and money. Many older studs don't feel it is worth the effort.

    Thank you Deb.
    The pink shirts are simply a marketing tool.
    Farmers laugh-but they remember our logo!
    The auctioneers are from a stock and land company,Elders. Their uniform is a red/white fine stripe shirt.
    I did thank them for co-ordinating so nicely with us!
    In Australia,young men and women that show livestock wear white lab coats.
    It does look smart.

    It is not a nice procedure Camille and it is being phased out.
    Unfortunately,fly blown sheep are not nice either and before Son was old enough it was my job to catch them.
    We are breeding towards 'bare bum' stock and crutch our sheep regularly.We were proudly 'non-mulesing' for several years,but then could not sell our wool!
    I fought long and hard to stay that way but was outvoted and we returned to a partial mules.

    Mule-Zing,there you go!
    Thanks Catherine.

    They are purchased shirts Rebecca,they have had them for a few years. I will definitely make their next ones!

    Thanks for the great comments and questions!

  9. Thanks for sharing this Nicole - you really make me want to be a 'farmer'!

  10. Thanks Justine!
    I think I prefer angry sheep to angry boys too!
    x N

  11. Thank yo so much for sharing this part of your life with us! This country-stuck-in-a-city-girl lives vicariously though posts like this. I must say it did look like a scene straight form "McCloud's Daughters" :)

  12. Thank you Cotton1221,no hairdryers in the shed drying wet sheep here. Do you remember that episode? Jed nearly wet himself laughing!

    I am so pleased people enjoyed this post! I must make sure to blog our AI program.

    Thanks for your support!
    x N

  13. Gosh, Nicole! I am fascinated and delighted to learn about your sheep. And your photos are incredible. I really like the one of Jed and Son writing their notes together! I look forward to all of your posts and you never disappoint! So fun to have a *friend* like you. =)

  14. I dont seem to remember that episode. I found the show on Netflix las year and have to admitt i was a bit obsessed but lost interest around season six when all of the original characters left. I also appreciated the pic of you husband and son side by side, priceless.

  15. Thank you,that is lovely to hear!