Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snap Shots

I was flicking through a Country Style magazine today wistfully pointing out the beautiful homes to Jed.
''Our place would look like that if you just took those key hole photos'' he said.
After he left I wondered......and picked up my camera.
The following photos are ''as is'' apologies for dust or mess.
This blog is as much for me as for you.

What would my home look like to new eyes?
Please indulge me.

The Children's Office

Lulu the Ragdoll in the Sitting Room
My lights-Jed's telly

Blankets for chilly nights

Hmmm Missy M,did you get hungry?

The Sitting Room

My Laundry Wall

Kitchen and Cutting

From Jed's Office door
My Bathroom-I love my bathroom-the floor is heated!

The Boxroom Door-and treasures lay beyond...

Where I sit and talk to you all

The loveliest of them all

For the animal lovers
I hope you enjoyed a peek through my key hole.
x N


  1. I love so much about your home...the colors, the warm colors of the wood, the open cabinetry! I loved the tour - thanks for sharing!!

  2. My pleasure Mel.
    Men tend to prefer our decor to women but the whole idea is comfort and being comfortable. Kick your shoes off and curl up on the sofa,chat to me in the kitchen while I make a curry or cut a dress.
    I love that when we have a party we find little groups of people all over the house,even in our bedroom!
    I love our home so much too,maybe you will visit someday?
    Thank you

  3. You have a very lovely home! IThe wood floors are so nice. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. You have such a lovely home. Each room looks so nice yet comfortable. But most of all I love your bathroom! Heated floor!

  5. I love your home, Nicole.

  6. Thank you Sharon,floors boards are great to maintain and I love timber.

    The heated floor is wonderful Sarah!
    We keep it on the lowest setting during the day in winter and turn it up in the evening and then down again before we go to bed-no mouldy bathroom!
    Off course in summer we barely need it!

    Thank you Sandi.

    X N

  7. It all looks so lovely and comfortable Nicole. I love that you and Jed made it all this way. Thanks for the tour!

  8. Oh the bathroom is my favorite! I love the shower heads.

  9. Thank you Millie,lots of love and laughter have gone into this house!

    The shower heads are fabulous Camille and very handy when we are running late!
    Thank you
    x N

  10. Thank you for the tour, Nicole! What a marvelous, comfy looking house. So much to love!

  11. Thank you Susanne-Comfy is exactly what we strive for!
    x N