Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shopping and Haircuts

We had a busy weekend....

New lunch boxes were purchased in the City.

What you end up with in your trolley when you don't supervise the baby!

Does anyone know what it tastes like?

What you buy when your machine is serviced for free!

Yes,several pieces are japanese cotton and I DID buy them in Spotlight!

What you do for your daughters to cheer them up because school is not much fun!

Miss E had the chop!

Miss Z had a colour!


x N


  1. That fabric is gorgeous, and what a great reason for buying it!
    I love Miss E's haircut and Miss Z's colour. It will take some adjustment to them looking different :-)

  2. They both look fantastic! I hope they are feeling better, even if school is not so great just now. I cannot imagine eating the mayo. I hate even the smell of it! Chris loves it though.

  3. The fabrics are so beautiful, I can't wait to see what you sew up with them! The girls' hair is jsut lovely, it makes them look so grown up!

  4. Both girls look fabulous with their new styles! It's amazing how a diffent cut changes a girl's look.

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  6. Nic, the Mayo is Japanese mayo made for putting on Okonomikyaki (vegetable pancakes) It suppose it's a slightly creamier and sweeter than normal mayo. Must admit though, that I've never tried it on anything else. It goes well with BBQ sauce.

  7. I thought it was an excellent reason Angela and it was %40 off!
    Jed is away for a few days so he will get a shock when he gets back.

    It is such a small school Mel and the children are very cliquey,they are not being bullied as such just not fitting in.
    Next Sunday we are taking them to look at a school in the city that they are applying for.
    They will need to win a bursary to attend....but they are excited to have a look.

    They all have paper tags Sharon! Ice Cream blouse's,Picnic Blouse's and the lining for some trousers.
    The twins do look grown up,don't they?

    Thank you Cindy,they are identical twins but they look quite different when together and now even more so!

    Thanks Mel,we had a good laugh about it. Jed and I to each other ''Why the heck did you buy that''?
    I carry Missy M in a sling and she must have grabbed it and tossed it in.

    I don't eat mayo,but I often make egg sandwiches for the children. I bet its a lot nicer than bog standard mayo....I hope they don't get a taste for it!

    Thank you everyone!

  8. How fun! I especially like E's short cut - she looks so pretty with it like that

  9. Thanks Sandi,it is fun doing their hair.
    I will pass on your complments.
    x N

  10. Nice looking fabrics. I am glad your machine was fixed without a cost to you. :)

    Your daughters are growing up quickly, aren't they? They are beautiful. Enjoy this precious time you have with them. I hope all the school things can work out for your family.


  11. I love the haircut!
    It suits her so well
    Will they have to board?
    Spotlight have had some lovely fabrics lately, haven't they?

  12. The girls look gorgeous.

    The "kewpie doll mayo" is very yum. We put a small dash along side our karage chicken (soy/ sake/ garlic/ ginger marinated, then dusted with flour and fried) with rice and steamed greens. From recollection, i think the mayo does have a little MSG in the ingredient list - worth checking anyway.

  13. The girls looks great Nicole! I hope things work out for them in school. Great fabric! Do you have specific projects in mind for the fabric? I have a hard time buy fabric unless I have a specific intention for it. Because of that I don't have much of a stash.

  14. Thank you Carol.

    Thank you Justine,she is very happy!
    If they attend the school they will be boarding,I cannot bear to think of it!
    It will not be for a few years yet and they will have to win a bursary to help with the fee's.
    We are taking them for a look to spur them on in their studies.

    Thank you Chantal,YUM!
    I have everything but the sake,what could I substitute for that? White wine or wine vinegar?

    Thank you Sarah,they are coping well,they just get a bit fed up at times.
    All the fabric has a ''tortoise'',(Missy L 'S pronunciation of purpose)
    I have so much I cannot buy unless I have a use.

    It was all on sale too,which was lovely!

  15. Hi there,
    Yes - you could substitute either of your suggestions for the sake. I sometimes use mirin, or rice wine vinegar (and the dusting flour is half cornflour, half plain flour quantities)
    PS - love your blog. One of the first i look to and get inspiration for little peoples dressmaking ;-)

  16. Fat baby mayo!!!!! I love that stuff !!!