Friday, July 1, 2011

Once apon a time in the vest

Last year,on holidays,Jed took the twins 'for a look' in the Bull Rush store.
Their clothes are gorgeous and very,very well made. If I didn't sew,thats what my children would be wearing.(They would just have a lot less outfits then they do now)!

E&Z fell in love and convinced Jed to buy them two very cute vests.
The price? Well lets say I could have purchased eight favourite patterns and still have change,for the first one,the second they fished out of the $10 basket so they reasoned that evened things up!

The other argument was that they actually wanted the WHOLE outfit(a navy skirt and white blouse)and as I didn't knit and Nan's hands were bad and I could sew the clothes for much less and the other vest was only $10 and it would hand down and a boy could wear it too.......

You can imagine the rest!
Well,I looked every where for a similar skirt pattern and then forgot!
The twins re-discovered said vests a few weeks back and pleaded me to finish the look.

At the time I was sewing Missy M's 2+2 skirts and I had a light bulb moment,leave out the pleats,still have the fullness with a neat side finish!
I had a trial run with Missy L's(she is delightful and loves everything I sew for her),the Twins approved!

So with out further ado.......

The scarf IS not my idea!

Happy girls,thats what we sew for!

Thanks for popping by....
x N


  1. I can see why they are happy! They look great!
    (and I love the vests!)

  2. btw - thanks for the link - just ordered some clothes!!!

  3. So do I Justine AND I got the same vest in a bigger size on sale-yippee!
    A few cricket jumpers for Son&Heir may have fallen in my basket too.....
    Thank you

  4. Very beautiful! I love those vest and they give the outfit a new look too.

  5. great title! and lovely clothes too, of course.

  6. Love these vests, Nicole, and aren't you clever to figure a solution?!? Well done!

  7. Well done, Nicole - the outfits look great! Now I must go have a look at Bull Rush...

  8. I really like this:

  9. Thank you Sharon,I do love a good vest-ern!

    Thank you Cindy!

    He he,my very best attempt at humour! Thanks Catherine!

    They are fun Mandy,I love the spotty one,Thank you.

    Do do do,Jed is taking me to the sale on Saturday!!!!!!
    That should be another post Sandi,and I think Justine purchased a couple of those cardy's!