Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Serendipitous Starling Dress Part 3

Back to sewing this beautiful dress......

So sweet!

Following the pattern instructions,sew the sleeves to the front.
As I am using a fine fabric I have clipped my edges and then sewn together,neatened and pressed the seam to the sleeve.
The pattern calls for a flat seam and if my material was any thicker I would follow the recommendation.

Repeat with the back pieces.

Sleeves sewn in.

Before I attached the yoke,I sewed a large basting stitch around the top of the dress. A good guide line and easy to unpick.

Following the pattern,clip into the basting stitch.Be careful not to snip it.

Consider pinning the flounce out of the way before attaching the yoke.

Pin the yoke to the dress top.

Press the seam up to the yoke.

The top view.



Consider finishing the bottom edge of the yoke before attaching it.

The neatened yoke.

Pinned in place and stitched.

Trim the seam. I use my pinking shears.

Press the facing to the inside.
Take your time with this step. Dampen and roll between your fingers to get a nice finish.

The top view.

Pin your side seams matching notches and underarm seams.

Ready to sew the zipper!
Do do de do...

x N


  1. Oh, this is coming along beautifully, Nicole. It looks so long!

  2. Oh, I see that the flounce pattern piece is the same for all sizes - that must be why this looks so much longer than the one on the pattern cover.

  3. Thank you Sandi,I did add an inch or so to the hem AND it is on a baby hanger.
    I may snip a bit off yet...

    The way I made the flounce may have affected the length of it....but it reaches the marked lines for it on the pattern piece.

    Thank you Sharon!
    x N

  4. I just mean that the flounce would take up a bigger portion of the length on a smaller size, since the flounce length is the same for all sizes. Is that even a sentence?? LOL!! Anyway, it looks gorgeous and I'm anxious to see it modeled.

  5. Thank you Sandi,I can'y wait to see it on!
    I have had barely any time on it today.

  6. This is so much prettier than I was even hoping! I've long since stopped making decisions on whether or not I'll like something based on the pattern picture, and happily so because on the pattern picture I find the flounce a bit overwhelming but on your dress it is so perfectly balanced. Yay! Oh I can't wait to see it finished and see the girls all ready to go in their dresses. Well done!

  7. I agree completely, Melissa. I thought it looked way too big on the pattern photo but not here. I wonder if it's because of the lighter print against the darker solid on the pattern photo? Whatever it is, I really really like it now and I just love how the flounces are made and sewn in.

  8. Thank you Melissa!
    As the flounce is 'OSFA' it possibly is bigger on the smaller sizes,but if you don't fancy the size it would be very easy to trim back.

    Thank you Sandi,I loved the original ruffle but I flipped when I saw how it was made.
    So clever!

    X N