Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I just 'won' this on  E-bay  
My Twins jumped around like I had purchased them Liberty!
I guess it will make nice Hopscotch dresses

I am just going to slink off and cry for a little while....


  1. I look at it this way...at least the twins still like that you sew for them. No, it's not the fabric you'd like to use but it could be worse.

  2. Oh, it could be much worse -- horrific sparkle prints and cheap graphics can't be redeemed, but plain gray with a clean & clever detail isn't so bad -- a fair compromise.

  3. I'm sure you'll make some beautiful things with it!

  4. Oh dear! You did get a wonderful bargain .... and like Cindy said they still want you to sew.... but, I feel the same about sewing navy uniforms this year :-(

  5. I know,I know and they carry the monochromatic palette so well!
    I just miss my girly girls!

    Thanks Girls!
    x N