Friday, July 22, 2011

Serendipitous Starling Dress Part 4

Sometimes,no matter how careful we think we are being,we make mistakes.
Sometimes,they turn out to be happy ones!

Let me explain.....
When attaching the zipper in the Wren dress,I stitched it in from the bottom of the yoke instead of the top!
It would have been easy enough to unpick but after consulting Miss E we decided to work with it.

Please note,the variation from the original pattern.
Thank you.

Apply interfacing to the back sides as directed in the pattern instructions.

Prepare your zipper by rolling it open and ironing flat.

If your zip is too long Charlotte has some tips on shortening it.

Like so!
Just look in the instructions.

Following the directions,pin the right side of the zip to the right side of the fabric.

Baste in place for ease of sewing.

Sew as close as possible to the coils of the zipper.

Repeat with the other side,basting the right side of the zip to the right side of the fabric.
It can be helpful to mark the other side with chalk to help match accurately.

Pin and baste in place then stitch.

The sewn in zip.

The top view.

Following the pattern instructions stitch the back seams together.

Perfect zipper(Can you see why I did not want to unpick)!

Nicole's mistake/alteration:

Press the seam allowance of the yoke inside.

Make a bias strip long enough to make three button loops.

Pin in place to seam allowance of the back yoke.
Sew in place,keeping your stitching in the seam allowance.

Fold the facings down and pin in place.

I chose to top stitch from the right side but you could hand sew the facings in place.

The finished 'mistake'

Gorgeous buttons from the Gorgeous Peta

A happy mistake.
Now,back to the original Starling dress.

The pattern suggests clipping and turning the hem of the facing to the inside which would give you a lovely neat finish.
As the broderie I was using was quite 'bumpy' I elected to neaten the edge only.

Pin the facing in place from underneath.

Taking care,topstitch the yoke in place catching the yoke facing as you sew.

Following the pattern,hem the sleeves.

Hemming the dress.
I was going to use pre-made hemming tape,but the dress was so pretty I couldn't bear to!

Following the instructions cut the hem binding.

Consider pre-pressing one edge.

Pin the binding following Clever Charlottes super simple method-I love it!

Ready to sew!

After pressing well,hand sew the binding ends together.

Sew in your gorgeous complimentary label.

Voila...The Starling Dress.

A darling dress.

For my darling girl.

 will scare the starlings!

I have so many ideas for this dress!
Black linen with cream hand stitching detail or soft denim with lots of topstitching or a wool check with cream flannel yoke and flounce or or or...

Good instructions,very well cut pattern pieces and a very clever little frill detail make for a snappy dress that sews quickly.
The fit is roomy,very handy for those tummy's,but definitely not baggy.
Can't wait to see yours!
Thank for reading
x N


  1. It is a very lovely dress Nicole - gorgeous job - as usual!
    Can't wait to see the next ones!

  2. Thanks Justine-Very girly,but it is purpose made!
    I am looking forward to making a more sophisticated version.

    I can't believe I stuffed up a tutorial!

  3. The buttons are perfection!! A very lovely mistake. The dress looks fantastically gorgeous on her and all these pictures are simply stunning!!

  4. Just so lovely!! I can picture this beauty on my daughter. I feel a new pattern coming on. :)

  5. Isn't it fabulous when mistake works out so well,Mel?
    Miss E was desperate to use these buttons ever since Peta sent them to me.
    Thank you.

    How exciting Sharon! I love to think I may have 'sold' some one a pattern!
    It is such a buzz!
    Thank you!
    x N

  6. So pretty! You are unstoppable (and unsinkable, it turns out)!

  7. It doesn't look at all like a mistake - I'll be copying it when my time comes for this dress.
    Love the photo with the sheep!

  8. What a wonderful mistake! LOVE the buttons! She's looks beautiful

  9. Beautiful. The dress is so, so lovely, and though it wasn't intended, I love what you did with the back of the yoke and the beautiful buttons.

  10. Thanks Inder!
    I should have unpicked it but hopefully it is clear which bit it the pattern and which is my stuff up!

    Thanks Catherine,I thought of your gorgeous Village dress when I did it.
    There are two lambs-and that is my back yard! Jed fenced them off the deck as they were wiping their faces on my clean windows. NOW I have to wear wellies to hang out the washing to avoid the sheep poo!

    Thank you thank you Thank you Melissa!

    Aren't they fabulous Angela? I have been saving them for just the right dress. Miss E is very happy it was her dress!

    Thank you!
    x N

  11. I'm glad you made that mistake - the buttons and loops are so pretty!

  12. Lovely, lovely Nicole! She looks like an angel. And I agree with everyone on the pretty buttons and non-mistake. You are most clever!

  13. Thank you Sandi.

    Thank you Margaret,that will teach me not to read patterns properly!
    I think she looks lovely too(and so does she)just enough froth but not too much bubble!

    Thank you both
    x N

  14. Nicole:

    Another lovely rendition of our patterns! I do like that detail with the buttons and I would love to show that on our site! Beautiful buttons as well.


  15. Thank you Erin,that is so kind of you.

    I hope I made it clear that it was my mistake and not your lovely pattern!

    Please use the detail however you like.
    x N