Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wren Wonderment Part Four

Okay,I am hooked,I L O V E this dress!

(and so does Missy M)

Following the pattern make some sash loops.
I made mine a little wider then suggested as I have other ideas......

Attach the loops as directed.

Sew the side seams matching notches and underarm seam.

Stitched and neatened.

Nearly finished.

Hem the dress as directed. I like to do a basting stitch as guide line. It is easily unpicked when completed.

The hem.

Hand sew the facings.

I caught the facings to the sleeve seams as well.

Following the directions,stitch the elastic casings leaving a gap for threading through.

If you round the end of the elastic it will thread easier. A pin at the end will prevent the elastic slipping into the casing.

Sew the ends of the elastic together and stitch the gap in the casing

The sleeve casing.

Sew in your gorgeous complimentary label!

Thread your sash and there you are!

The beautiful pleats.

Without the sash.

The back.

Oh,the neckline!

Oh,those pleats!

Oh Charlotte.......You are Clever!

Size 8 on my nearly 12 year old daughter.

Gorgeous fit with growth room.

Equally beautiful sans sash.

I would wear this in a heart beat!

In conclusion.......
A beautiful pattern to sew. If you are a beginner,I would suggest trying one of the other patterns in the range first,but good solid instructions.
I made the dress more challenging by using a directional print. It would be far simpler in a plain or abstract print that didn't need matching.
The pattern was extremely satisfying to sew,I felt like I was really sewing a garment(much the same as oliver+S)not 'whipping' something up.

Do I recommend?
Absolutely,and these are the first patterns in this range. I am looking forward to our Australian summer to make the other garments and I will be watching Clever Charlotte very closely in the future.

Thanks for reading.
x N

NB-I added 3 inches to the hem of this lovely dress,keep that in mind..... Have Fun!


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous on her. The last photos is perfect. I'm glad you are liking these patterns. And Missy M too!

  2. Thank you Millie,that is very sweet of you!
    I do like the patterns and I think I may have to sew another very soon,I wonder which Miss E would like?
    Missy M fell asleep while I was blogging in bed and I had to pry the instruction sheet out of her hand.
    She was 'reading it',it was so cute!
    x N

  3. This is a truly lovely dress,'ve made something very special. Can't wait to see what you do with the next one!

    (& you've sold me!!)

  4. Thank you Justine,I was so pleased with it. Miss Z wore it to a party today and she looked so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

    Thank you,to 'sell' a pattern is the ultimate compliment!

  5. Oh yes, that is quite lovely. Beautifully done (and documented :) ).
    Aren't they fun patterns to sew? I actually enjoyed the process as much as the finished garment, and that's not always the case when I sew.
    I may need this pattern now...

  6. They are very enjoyable to sew icicle,I also really enjoyed making this dress and I am very keen to do the others.
    I love your linen shorts,the colour is amazing.
    Thank you!
    x N

  7. Oh my, that is very very pretty, Nicole. I'm going to have to order a pattern!

  8. The dress is lovely! (And the daughter). I like the hem basting tip--never thought of it but am sure I will use it.

  9. It is divine!! Your pleats and sewing are so neat, and I love how it looks on Miss Z. You'll cause a spike in pattern sales :-)
    Great first picture - it looks like Missy M is tired out from all the sewing!

  10. It looks wonderful. How long did all the pleats take you, I'm a little worried that they're hugely time consuming.

  11. Very cute! I think I might have to order some of these patterns - just for the cute label. This dress would be great for Ella.

  12. Thank you Sandi,I am glad you like it!
    Which pattern(I know it won't be the Sandpiper,he he,I am making that next)!

    It is an oliver+S pattern sewing tip Beth,it save's a lot of measuring and marking. Thank you!

    Thank you Angela,my machine was being a bit dodgey so the sewing is a bit wonky(then I cleaned the fluff from under the plate and it worked beautifully)
    Sewing is a family affair here!

    No,no ,no Joanna!
    The pleats are so easy-I kept checking that I had done them correctly as it came together so quickly.
    You could make this dress standing on your head!

    I think it would look lovely on Ella,Jen.
    Aren't the labels gorgeous? I wish I could buy some more.
    I thought that a very clever idea.

    Thanks everyone
    x N

  13. Oh my word, it's SO PRETTY! Well done. I love the fabric, and the final result is just smashing. I wish I had more little girls to sew for!

  14. Thank you!
    I did hear a whisper that there may be a boys pattern in the next release......and my 'boy' will be too big!
    x N

  15. Nicole:

    The finished dress looks wonderful and, as always, you have such a lovely model to show it off! Thanks for taking the time to document it so well and in such detail. Pleating can be a little daunting if you've never given it a try, but if you mark the pleat lines well, as you have shown, it can go really smoothly.

    Well done!

    Erin of Clever Charlotte!

  16. Thank you for taking the time to stop by Erin.
    I loved sewing your beautiful dress and look forward to my next 'Clever' pattern
    Please give my regards to Charlotte.
    x N

  17. Well, I've decided to order the Finch and the Wren. I'm not sure about the Starling - I wish you were doing that one next!!

  18. Lovely Sandi,I will get on to the Starling soon-promise!
    I want to make them all,one set for each daughter.
    Just need to get this house sorted!
    x N

  19. You are welcome to come and sort mine as well!

  20. Hehe,I have given up Sandi,too sore!
    I have bribed the twins to finish the floors and I will finish the big clean in a few weeks!

  21. You have done a lovely job, Nicole! The dress on your daughter is perfect! Well done.

    Missy M makes me smile! I often take pattern directions as reading material to bed. ;)

    Enjoy your new patterns,


  22. Thank you Carol.
    I am so pleased to have found a dress that delights my fast growing-up daughters as much as myself!
    Missy M was so cute,It was very late(off peak)and she had woken for a feed and chat. She grabbed the sheet as I was blogging and was 'reading' it to me.
    A few minutes later I heard a gentle snore and she had dozed off.
    x N