Friday, July 15, 2011

Wren Wonderment Part Three

Getting closer now.....I am so excited!

On to the pleats!
I was very pleased with how quickly these came together.
Again,lots of photo's,but it is a visual thing,don't over think this step.

The self facing turned,pressed and pinned at the side seams.

I used pins to distinguish my marked lines(very faint in this photo)

I folded my pleat so that my pins matched either side.

I pinned the pleat at each edge to hold it flat for basting.

The pattern tells you how many pleats for each piece so that you can double check before you stitch.

I pinned a section  of pleats then basted,then pinned the next section and so on.

Basted and topstitched following the patterns directions.

Starting to take shape.

Miss Z and I tossed around some trimming ideas....

Maybe this?

Or even this?

But we decided we liked it plain!

Nearly finished.......not long now!


  1. Finished pics please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes yes!! Modeled!

  3. Soon-promise!
    I'm blogging as we 'speak'!
    X N

  4. Oh no! I have the right number of pleats but they look different - closer together - than yours! Oof, I hope I haven't ruined it!

  5. Don't forget you are making a smaller size! Maybe I messed it up?