Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Music Class Medley

I purchased this pattern when it was first released.
I immediately made the blouse in white poplin for the Twins.
I meant to make the skirt,it was on the list,but I kept putting off drafting the pattern.
A few months back,I spent a few days in the City while Jed was in hospital.
To keep myself busy,I did lots of drafting and this skirt was one that was pleased to get to.

I cut out six,but in the end I only made up five as the twins were very honest and admitted that it was unlikely they would wear the orange one.

To keep things interesting,I played around with the pleat detail on the skirt.
The pattern instructions give two options.
Worn with a 2+2 blouse also by oliver+S

And pleated....
The pockets are ideal for trimming

The final skirt has stitched down pleats.

I struggled with these pleats until I had a light bulb moment-I thought I knew what I was doing but I didn't!
When I went back and re-read the instructions the fog lifted.
Methinks I got a little too big for my boots!

Ready to go!

I like to cut tiny snips at the bottom to help me line up my pleats. They will be inclosed in the hem.

Following the instructions match your notches and make your first fold.

Fold,matching notches and press well.

Rinse and Repeat!

On to the next one.

When I stitch down pleats I find it easier to hem first. After pressing my pleats well and leaving to dry,I did a narrow hem leaving an inch either end unstitched.

Repin the pleats following your notches and press lines.

It will look like this.

I then stitched down the fold on the outside pleats. I did not do the inside in this case.
Basting along the top keeps it all together.

Following the pattern attach to the pocket.

Pretty,are they not?

Rolling the pressed hem down,sew and neaten the side seams.

Take your time,this can be fiddly!

It should look like this.

And this on the inside.

Finished constructing the skirt side seam and hem as directed in the pattern instructions.

Now do it all again for the other side!

The girls have all put in requests for navy versions for school so I will get plenty of Music Class practice!

x N


  1. Very nice, Nicole. I did the pleats the same way on Clara's. LOVE the stitched down pleats!

  2. Thanks Sandi,after stitching the pleats down on the 2+2 skirts I am a complete convert!
    Saves so much ironing time!
    x N

  3. Such lovely finishing inside and out - it makes my heart sing!

  4. I love these! I really must get around to making this.

  5. Thanks Sharon.

    You are too kind Catherine!

    You must Camille,it is so quick!

    Thanks Girls!
    x N

  6. I just made my first Music Class skirt as well, and love it! Now I'm wondering how many is *too* many for one girl! Yours are lovely!

  7. Never enough Margaret! They have plenty of ease for play!
    Thank you
    x N