Saturday, August 20, 2011

Silky Seashore Success

I feel a little foolish......Liesl,how could I have doubted you?

I have always loved all the new patterns but this one I was a little dubious of.
I thought it was a very cute dress for a baby but not for my big girls.

Ding dong I was wrong!

It is a FABULOUS big girls dress!

I had already made this one in denim chambray and fitted it by simply putting it on inside out.

As I was sewing with beautiful silk taffeta I decided to make a proper muslin out of calico for the bodice.

The fabric was quite delicate so I cut double of all the bodice pieces and then sewed them as one.
Much easier then lining and it eliminates 'see through' seams while giving body to the dress.

The silk was so fine it frayed if you breathed on it!
Thus I pinned the pattern and then cut each piece as I needed to sew it.

While the bodice is a double layer the skirt is only one to keep the delicious gathers.

I let Zara choose the buttons. I really liked the of course she chose the round ones! 
Far more grown up!

A little(!) hand sewing......a few decorative buttons(the straps actually do up with poppers)and here we are!

We used some similar mother of pearl buttons to trim the pocket.

The armholes fit beautifully.

The perfect length.

Fitted but not too firm!

Do you think she is happy?

I hope so.......

x N


  1. Amazing Nicole, this is my favourite version of this dress. Zara looks pretty thrilled too!

  2. Thank you Claire!
    Zara has requested a black linen version for summer and I received lots of cuddles today so I think she is happy.
    x N

  3. So so so pretty Nicole!! I passed it off as a little girl dress too. You are amazing!

  4. This is absolutely the most lovely dress!! Words escape's perfect!

  5. Stunning, absolutely stunning! I love that you added buttons along the gives it a bit of a pop. Great work Nicole!

  6. Oooooh la la! The dress is outstanding (so is the one in chambray) and Miss Z. looks just so lovely.
    Now I am motivated to dust off my machine and get back to sewing starting with that pattern.
    (Oh and baby #2 arrived on Monday ... a boy!)

  7. Love the buttons on the pockets!!

  8. Just beautiful Nicole. I am sure Zara feels like a million dollars in it.

  9. What a gorgeous girl and a gorgeous dress for her! Making my girl anything out of white is a recipe for disaster but now I have hope for the future. Also, based on your flickr group pictures of this and the chambray version I got the larger size pattern because now I know how gorgeous it is as a big girl dress. Another Nicole masterpiece!

  10. Thank you Raven,I had to eat my words!

    Oh Mel,you are just too sweet!

    Thanks Cindy,I was hoping for something that she could wear again.

    Oh Deb!
    Congratulations! A little boy to help 'bust the stash' do give them my best and thank you for the compliments.

    Thank you Sharon!

    I hope she does Jen,it was sewn with a lot of love!

    Thank you Melissa,white does look so lovely but yes well,we know what happens when they go outside!
    I am so pleased with how it adapts for an older girl.

    Thank you Camille.

    Wow,Thank you all so much-What a buzz!
    x N

  11. Lovely, Nicole! Well done. You have a great fit and a beautiful daughter.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labour. :)


    ps I don't know how you have time to sew, take care of a family and do a nice job on the blogging. Nicely done! ;)

  12. Did I hear ''I told you so'' Carol?
    I should,you were right!
    It took 20 minutes to do,if that? I was amazed at how wonky she was,we all has a good giggle!
    Best of all,Zara got her fitted dress which was still passed as appropriate by her fond but firm daddy!
    Thank you again for all your help.

  13. Oh, I missed this post!
    This dress is stunning - can't say it enough, Nicole - you are a wonder!
    Love all the modeling pics too - she looks so happy - not to mention gorgeous!

  14. Thats me Justine,no blogs then a few at once! Actually,I was a bit worried I offended with my gardening blog......

    Thank you so much Justine,the fabric was a little tricky but cutting and sewing straight away took care of that!

    She is a good model,it was about 10 d outside brrrrrrr


  15. No, no, no, not at all, Nicole! Simply admiring your beautiful work. :)

    Love to hear the 'fond but firm daddy'...invaluable. ;)

  16. How could you offend with the gardening post? I loved it! :)

  17. He he,risking my Son's life to get my trees cut was okay Sandi?