Thursday, August 11, 2011

She Sells Seahorse's by the Seashore

Oliver+S Seashore Dress.

When this pattern was first released I wasn't sure about it.
Silly Me!

It's super sweet and super quick to sew.

Zara decided it would be perfect as her First Communion dress,but was after a fitted bodice.
Using her body measurements we established that she was a 6 in the chest,8 at the waist and a 10 through the hips.

I  was a little confused as to what size to make but after some help from the forum I decided on a size 8 trial run in my never ending chambray.
With some tweaking and fitting the result was this...

We were both pleased with the result.

And today I finished it.

I lengthened the dress to a size 12 but then hemmed most of that up again.
I will make a standard size 8 next time.

Now,where did I put that silk taffeta?


  1. I love it! I can't wait to see the her "finished" dress. I am sure it will be breath taking on her!

  2. Goodness this is so beautiful! I love it!

  3. Thank you Sharon!
    I had best get a wiggle on!

    It is very simple Mel,but I do love that
    Thank you!
    x N

  4. Nicole, it's lovely in the denim. :)

    I'm not sure of how you plan to treat your hem in the silk taffeta, but you may want to consider having that extra length for a deeper hem. You could always cut it off in the end, if you thought it too much. The deeper hem will give more weight to the taffeta, helping to keep it down a bit. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful dress. :)

  5. Splendid Seashore! I was iffy on this pattern until Right Now. Thanks again, Nicole!

  6. Thank you Carol.

    Thats a great title for a Blog post!
    Thanks Margaret!
    Isn't it funny how sewing the dress made up can change your mind AND it is a lot of fun to sew!
    x N

  7. This looks great Nicole - like you, I was a bit 'ho-hum' over this pattern - but think I shall add it to my summer sewing list now!

  8. I loved this dress from first sight. And I really like the look of it in denim. I see red piping in the vertical seams would contrast nicely with the blue denim. Hmm .. (I do not need another sewing project Gah!)

    But I am really looking forward to seeing it done in silk. I think it will look stunning on her.

  9. Thanks Justine! It is funny isn't it? I think Flickr may sell quite a few patterns!

    I LOVE the piping idea Lotta but my big girls thought they were too old!

    I cannot wait but must MUST cut the toile for the other girl first!

    Thank you x N

  10. It is so very pretty, Nicole. I bet this gets a lot of wear. Chambray and denim are so easy to wear with so many things.

  11. Thank you Sandi,I think it will be popular!

  12. Thank you Elizabeth,I have just finished my second!
    I cannot wait to show you