Monday, July 23, 2012

2+2=1 sweet blouse Part 3

My apologies that this tute is taking so long.
Who would have thought a husband and 5 children would take up so much of ones time?
He he

Moving quickly on......
This is where we were.
I like to pre-press my sleeve hem now.
Press a fold of 1/2 inch.
Fold again,an inch this time and press well.
Press both sleeve hems really well.
Let cool and set.
Gather between the notches on the sleeve shoulder seam.
I like to use the biggest stitch length to gather.
It doesn't matter if the gathering threads are not in the seam allowance. They are easy to remove after the garment is finished.
Matching notches,pin the sleeve to the blouse arm hole seam.
I like to pin from the notches to the side seam first AND then come back and ease the sleeve cap into place.
My pattern is one of the original print run.
On the sleeve piece a wee triangle has been cut to reduce bulk.
This 'triangle' will be in the seam allowance,so don't panic if there is a 'gap' at the end.
If it looks like this,it is correct!
(I promise,I double checked with the designer)
If your pattern piece doesn't have the 'gap',no worries Mrs Murray!
Ease the sleeve cap and pin in place.
If you stitch from the body of the blouse rather then the sleeve side there is less chance of sewing in tucks.
Check for tucks.

Press the seam well.
(Doncha just want me to say 'press the seam really slip shoddy')
Trim and neaten the seam and press well.
Take the opportunity to press this seam really well.
Press the seam towards the sleeve. The end of the ironing board is very useful for this step.

Let the blouse cool and the seam set.
Sew a folding guide along the bottom of the blouse front(about 1/2 ').
Fold and press along the stitching line.
Match the notches and underarm seam,unfolding the pre-pressed sleeve hem and bottom hem,and pin together.
Just under the seam,on the blouse body,snip into the would be seam allowance to allow for ease of movement.
The snip should then be neatened by still allow ease.
Unfold the sleeve hem before sewing.
Do the same with the hem.
After sewing and neatening,press well.
Re-fold the sleeve hem and press.
Ease and press the sleeve hem in place.
Press the side seams to the back.
Starting at the side seams,fold the hem up by an inch and press and pin.

Next pin and press the other side seam.
Finally,pin and press from the centre front out towards the side seams.
Pressing and pinning in sections enables even hemming and easing and ultimately a smooth even finish.
Once pressed and pinned,sew the hems and press well!
Nearly finished!

Next-button holes!

I decided to do a post just for buttonholes so that I would have a single post to link back to.
Smart thinking eh?

x N


  1. Very clever thinking! These are just gorgeous, Nicole! And thanks for all your hard work you put in yout tutes. P.S. you are making me itch to pull out my 2+2! I put one on George today and it was getting a bit short. Boo!

  2. Brittney,your comments always make me feel so good!
    Thank you
    xxx N

  3. Oh, Nicole - you have made me giggle - :-) & you have also made me want to go make some of these too (but off to finish my Sunki first!)

  4. I really do bug you with my fanatic pressing though don't I?
    Don't I?
    Thank you Justine!
    xx N

  5. Your blouses are beautiful and I'm very excited that you are going to create a tutorial on buttonholes!

  6. How sweet Kim,Thank you!
    Nothing too fancy,just a few short cuts,well pressed,of course.
    he he
    x N

  7. Pressing makes all the difference! I press everything, even if it doesn't need it, and often multiple times- ha!

  8. I am a bit of an iron serial killer!
    xx N

  9. I am positively swooning over the tiny strawberry print - they are all beautiful but I have a thing for strawberries in particular - please do share where you found it! And don't say Spotlight. I'll be so envious.

  10. Hi Melanie,yes Spotlight!

    Its on sale,would you like me to get you some?