Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Fiddle with Figgy's

A second Ayashe this time with long sleeves and a roulette buttoned front.
Cute,isn't it?
Finish the front of the blouse as directed in the pattern instructions.
Cut three narrow pieces of elastic approximately one inch long each.
Measure and mark the stitching position for the elastic.
I did mine about an inch apart.
Sew the elastic as a loop on the right so that it lays over the left side.
Use a narrow stitch length and reverse back over each elastic loop as you sew it.
This is what you should be left with.
Cover the stitching line with some narrow ribbon,turning and folding at the edges to imitate mitred corners.
Pin in place.
This bit can be a bit fiddly but take your time and press well once you are satisfied.
Stitch around the outside of the ribbon with a shortened stitch width.
Take your time and pivot at the corners.
Next stitch the inside of the ribbon taking care to move the elastic loops out of the way.
This is what you should have when finished.
Unpick the basting stitches.
Continue on with the pattern instructions.
I will be blogging the yoke and collar attachment soon.

As I was using a ribbon as a feature I decided to thread it through the front of the casing.
Stitch the hem completely omitting the gap.
On the certain front seam,stitch two bar tacks a little wider then your ribbon.
I just sew back and forth a few times.
Trim the threads.
On the right side carefully unpick between the stitched bar-tack thingy's.
Thread the ribbon through.
Consider catching the ribbon at the centre back to stop little fingers pulling it through.
And there we have it,a little fiddle to get another look from your pattern.
x N


  1. So clever Nicole, thanks for posting on this! I want to make on for Sweet pea for the fall/winter.

  2. My absolute pleasure Sharon!
    Its nice to get a few different looks from a pattern isn't it?
    xx N

    1. Yes it is! That's what I tell hubby so ordering patterns is well worth the money spent. ;)