Friday, July 6, 2012

Fiddling with Figgy's

Have you seen the Ayashe blouse yet?
'Course you have.....its super cute,you can't miss it!
My sweet friend Susanne made this version for Matilda AND sent me the same fabric in a blue colour-way so of course I had to buy the pattern to make Lidia one.

Looking through the Flickr pool I found this by another sweet friend. So,I mercilessly ripped off complimented her by doing my own version.

Following the pattern instructions reverse the front so the seam is on the outside.
Press really really well.
Pop the lace under the edge and carefully pin in place making sure the lace is caught.
Top-stitch in place,very close to the edge.
I sewed with a smaller stitch width then usual.
Continue on with the rest of the pattern.
I decided to neaten the bottom of the blouse,this also gives you a folding line.
If you are intending to finish it by the patterns instructions it is worth stitching this piece in place.
The draw string tightens on the inside of the blouse hem.
I will mention that the sleeve hem is very narrow,if you wish to do a double hem a wee bit of length added could be helpful.
Also,I found it a struggle to get over Tildy's big noggin so it may be worth checking that before you secure the centre front seam. Particularly if you would like to try my next variation.
Up next!
x N


  1. Thank you again and again for enabling me!
    xx N

  2. So so cute! I love this pattern!

    1. Welcome to the wonderful world of sewing girly things!
      xxxx N