Friday, July 6, 2012

But where are the fairies?

Port Fairy was named after a ship that desperately needed refuge and found a bay. The boat was named The Fairy.

Why can't Matilda understand this.....still she is having fun searching.
Waiting for Daddy.
Waiting for Mum!
So many dear little cottages to look at walking down the street.
Beautiful cold,crisp but sunny weather.
I think Port Fairy must have the friendliest dogs in Victoria and I think we met(and patted)most of them.
First stop,the Op Shop for some affordable retail therapy.
(You need to remember,these are farm girls,shops are a big deal)
How much is that (naughty)Tilly in the window?
The nice volunteer let her climb in there,Hmmmmm
Love it!
Black wool flannel,black linen,caramel cotton velvet,white damask and white linen-$10,woo hoo!
Daddy,may we show you something?
Guess who are getting their ears pierced this holiday?
Port Fairy has some excellent walks for information hungry children(and parents alike)
Perfect to wear out and use up that energy from the fresh sea air.
And some lovely spots to sit and rest.
More puppies!
Just love this photo.
Just love this girl!
Tildy was getting a bit tired but a bribe of a visit to the sweetie shop perked her up no end.

Her choice? A 50 c lolli-pop(and one for Liddy)
Good girl!
I swear this white cockatoo was looking at me funny....
We were going to go for an island walk but Tilly dozed off in the car so we went to watch the surfers instead.

See you tomorrow?

Night night!

xxx us!


  1. Love the photos! And Grace just asked me to get her ears pierced. Not sure when I'll say yes.

  2. Oooooh Sarah,we said 13 and now they are!
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by.
    xx N

  3. Such lovley photos! There is nothing sweeter than a family vacation. :)

  4. Maybe a sweet new baby boy just sneaks in?
    xxx N

  5. Such lovely photos! It looks like a really lovely town...shops are a big deal to ours too.
    M got her ears pierced last year. I was worried about it, but we have rules, and she sticks to them. I hope the girls get on well having theirs done.
    We are still equipment was bought today! What have I let myself in for!

  6. Hugo has signed up for a fishing trip out with some local anglers tomorrow,I hope he will be okay....
    I have told the Twins,no dangles for everyday!
    Thanks Millie,we are having a great time. So far,no one has got sick or broken anything!
    xxx N

  7. Our school has a rule..."children may wear stud earings, one in each ear" Obviously trying to avoid boys wearing one earing, as well as dangles...I think it working better with the dangles!
    M has no dangles, only studs.
    I hope H has a wonderful time!

  8. We have many boys with pierced ears at our school.
    I have warned them no dangles except for special occasions.
    I am sure Hugo will but I cannot help feeling nervous...

  9. The town looks like it has such great charm, what a neat place to be able to vacation. The photo of Hugo and Tildy just makes me smile.

  10. It is very charming Brittney and we are all enjoying ourselves so much!
    I swear I can feel my wrinkles dropping off!
    xx N

  11. Thank you Jen,thats a serious;y nice compliment from you!
    xx N

  12. I wish I was there!:) Looks like a wonderful vacation. K was older than M when she got her ears pierced. My criteria was that they be old enough to take care of them on their own. And yes, hoops and dangly earrings are for special times not every day.

    I'm envious on your OP shop finds. Ours never have nice fabric.

  13. I wish you were here too Cindy-what fun that would be. Coffee,chats and lots of laughter!
    The Twins are so excited,we just have to find some where to have it done.

    I am so thrilled to find the velvet! I have been watching a skirt on Ebay-$50-for Tildy. Now I can make it.
    2+2 with the top pleats stitched down me thinks....

    xxx N

  14. Oh, it looks like everyone is having such fun! I like looking through and picking out the mama-made clothes in each pic. And "how much is that doggy in the window" is a much-requested song for mummy to sing around here, so I loved that picture. :-)
    You are looking very happy and stylish, I might add!

    1. Thank you Susanne! My lovely coat hides a multitude of (holiday)sins.
      And thank you for noticing the clothes,it is a bit of a kick to pack 90% mum-made.
      Can you believe Matilda was allowed in the window? I was not happy but Nana peer group pressure won me over.
      xxx N

  15. Ah, this looks like a lovely holiday! Look at that ocean!

  16. We head home tomorrow Inder but it has been great!
    I hope you have your feet up feeding(nursing)that sweet girl of yours!
    xxx N