Saturday, July 7, 2012

Slow Day Holiday

After a late night with local cheese,wine and Jed and an early morning with Tildy,I was ready for a slower day.

Hugo had booked himself in with some local anglers that run a fishing workshop. He caught 3 mullet,very tasty!

Jed took the three older girls to a food fair that was set up in the main street.
Spiral cut potato deep fried.
Fun but a bit salty according to the Twins.
Build your own pizza oven.
Jed was very taken with the pizza oven kits.
Fantastic Babe,but finish my kitchen first!
I did appreciate the wood fire pizza he brought home for me.
I put Matilda down for a sleep,did a bit of washing and caught up on some tutorials in the mild winter sunshine.
After a little snooze we all went for a walk on Griffin Island.
Around to the light house.

I have never seen such huge seaweed,Tilly was quite scared of it!

A swamp wallaby

Liddy made a friend.
Zara was fascinated with the volcanic beach rocks.
The bubble in the black rock indicate they cooled above ground,according to Hugo!
It was a good two hour walk and it was a good two hours!

A hottie from the thermos warmed everyone up,while Hugo went and dangled his line for 20 minutes.
And Lids and Tildy hit the play ground.

Right now we are curled up by the fire,the children are playing 'Cheat'(a card game I do not understand at all)! I am blogging and Jed is watching the footy while rubbing my feet.

And,yes-it is very nice!

x N
clothes by oliver+s,clever charlotte and figgy's


  1. sounds wonderfully perfect!

  2. Thank you Sharon.
    Wonderfully perfect sums it up very well indeed!
    xx N

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    2. It is,I don't want to go home!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you,it is proving a wonderful break.

  5. Thoroughly enjoying your holiday photos! Looks like everyone is having a lovely time.
    Really like the ocean shots as I've never seen the Indian Ocean (via the GAB) in someones personal photos before. Oh, and the wallaby; cute little head popping up over the dune.
    Keep the photos coming ... they're terrific.
    (And they also look like a fashion shoot too!!)

    1. Thanks Deb,we travelled the Great Ocean Road yesterday-it was amazing,so wild!
      We are beach loving people anyway but it is all so so beautiful

  6. Great photo's. We visit there each January for a couple of days away and I recognise all the places. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you,we love the beach in winter and then is just so much to see!
      We were a bit sad we didn't get to the sand dunes-they sound a blast!

  7. A perfect day! I'm glad H is back safe and sound, and I hope he had fun!
    Does Hugo know about the Giant's Causeway?

    1. Thanks Millie.
      He didn't,but I googled it and then he disappeared with my laptop.

  8. Yay, he survived fishing! ;) It is always nice to have a quiet day even on vacation.

    1. It will be another quiet day today Brittney.
      Yesterday was wonderful but lots of driving and walking. We have arrived in our new accommodation and it is amazing! Two storeys,spa bath and a cupboard full of board games.

  9. Looks like it was a wonderful day!

    1. It was Cindy and we have just had another!
      Thank you

  10. Add this to my long list of places to see one day...

  11. Ooooh,yes Susanne.
    Victoria is so green and beautiful.