Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby,You're a Star(ling)

Liddy does not stop growing!
This outfit was worn four times.
Although the shorts have had a lot of wear through the cold weather over stockings.
Clever Charlotte Finch Top&Short
This sweet little blouse? Six wearings.
Clever Charlotte Chickadee blouse and Raven trousers

So this time I got clever and sized up.
This dress has a generous fit.
Here Lidia is wearing the size 2.
Its way too tight but she could get it zipped up.
I decided to draft the 5 with the length of a 6.
This pretty cotton was part of my Christmas gift from Jed. Its a Moda print by Lily Ashbury from the Summer House Collection.
I also have it in a pink colour way for Matilda.
As this was to be a winter frock I decided to lengthen the sleeves.
I used a spencer as a length guide and extending the sleeve to the cuff with a straight line-without  tapering.
Instead of a cuff I decided to gather the sleeve end and bind it.
The hem is finished with binding so it was no trouble to cut a little extra.
I made a lining using this method,the only difference was gathering and binding the sleeve ends.
That was pretty similar to the last step of this frock.
The flounce is vintage broderie left over form Elsa'a Starling dress.
Finished at 1am,the morning we leave for our Hol's!
I love the retro look of the sleeves nearly as long as the dress it self.
Her sweet happy face the next morning made the late night worth while.
'Oh,Mummy. You finished it'
These were the shoes I purchased to wear with this dress. Lidia wore them previously around the house to soften them up but when she came to put them on with the dress they were too small.
There were tears-mine,but dear Liddy exclaimed that her lace up boots would be a perfect alternative.
Have I mentioned how lovely this little girl is?

Now for some inspiration.
Size 8,unlined in vintage broderie with pink broderie flounce.
Size 2 in Tula Pinks Flutterbye with cotton flounce.
Fully lined.
Size 3 in woollen suiting with Liberty flounce.
Fully lined.

Go on,make your little girl a Star(ling)
x N


  1. Size 3 -- fully lined with gorgeousness and love :) I haven't tried it on her recently, must do another size check soon. Can't wait till she grows into it!

  2. And it was Sarvi!
    I hope she wears it lots!
    xxx N

  3. Missy L is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady! Love her new Starling dress.:)

  4. Thank you Cindy,it wonderful to see her confidence start to bloom.
    xx N

  5. Nicole, I'm about to make this dress for my 3.5 y/o but the one thing that has me concerned, perhaps silly, is ironing the flounce after washings. Most garments they have with ruffles prove to become tediously wrinkled after each wash, and are annoying to iron out (the ruffled parts). How have you found they've held up after washing? Also, that last one, with the Liberty flounce, did you shorten the flounce? I really like that...

  6. Hi Kelly,lovely to hear from you!
    The flounce definitely requires some ironing,however,if you give it a good shake after washing it and hang it on a hanger to dry it needs minimal or none!
    It may be the seams but it does not come out 'scrunched' up. I find the flounce comes up mauch nicer then ruffles.

    The flounce of the wool version was shorter as I only had the tiniest piece to work with. Luckily the recipient like it that way too!

    I hope that is some help?
    xx N

  7. PS Kelly,did you find the tute for this?

  8. Thank you so much for your insight! Sounds like it won't be too bad. And halfway through the pattern, I'm already in love, so any laundering difficulties will be well worth it! Thank you for the tute...I will be referring to them many times over the next few hours, I'm sure!

    I must say, nearly every CC pattern I've made begins with having to talk myself into the style. They don't at first glance look like something I'd love, after the streamlined, classic lines of O+S. But then, once it's made up, I'm smitten.

  9. Kelly,I think that is what appeals to me. You cannot beat an O+S for classic but the CC are just that little bit funkier but still child appropriate.
    xx N

  10. The books are fabulous with the dress! She definitely has a sense of style. Too bad the red shoes were too small, because they would look awesome with the aqua dress, too.

    1. Ruth, I was lucky enough to track down another pair!
      Thank you
      xx N