Saturday, March 12, 2016

Elsa~ Round Up.

Elsa's turn on the rota is done.
A wool and suede Lekala blazer.
Slinky City Gym shorts.
A pretty Vintage dress.
swimsuit or 3.
A pair of Chataigne shorts 
And a pair of silky tops.
A relaxed linen Plain&Simple over shirt 
And finally, a groovy Lekala 4341 hoodie

~Elsa's overall verdict~
Wow, look how much I got made!
 Not to mention the quality of the items and how well they fit. 
Mum worked really hard and got my clothes finished in record time. All these pieces fit well in to my wardrobe and go with nearly everything else. My favourite piece by far is the dress, it makes me look TINY! The only thing I would change (& mum told me to add this) would be getting the cream shirt shoulder width shortened so it didn't hang over my shoulders!
 I still love it though! 
Thanks Mum

Oh my, that is a jolly nice thing to read. I am feeling pretty good right now.

On to Zara!

xx Nicole 


  1. Look at all those garments (and variety)! Oversized shirts were all the rage when I was a teen, I wish I still had some of them.

  2. Thanks Colette. I love sewing for my big girls but it can be stressful.
    I remember big bright shirts paired with leggings and hi-top sneakers.
    xx N

  3. Wow you accomplished a lot for her in this turn! They are all fantastic :D I'd love that kind of wardrobe as a teen!

  4. Thank you Kristin.
    Is it bad if I sort of wouldn't mind that wardrobe now? I have next to nothing that fits.
    Four outfits was a lot, I think I might go back to two on the next pass of the sewing rota.
    xx N

    1. I would certainly be exhausted after 4 outfits! :)

    2. Zara and I had a falling out during her turn, sewing back to back girls was really hard this time.