Saturday, March 19, 2016

So, I made another Hoodie

So, I made another hoodie.....
What could I say? 
She asked me nicely. 
Another Lekala this time #4385.
I sewed it up in some light weight unbrushed cotton fleece from my Melbourne shopping trip.
To sew the pockets I used a combination of this video tutorial and the O+S Blog post.
This Lekala instructions are not overly hand-holdy.
I interfaced the edges that would be sewn to the zipper.
Not in the instructions but it helps prevent the fabric stretching when you sew the zipper in.
I shortened the zipper using this method. To stop the zipper head coming off I tried melting a few teeth (not successfully) but then satin stitched the top with embroidery thread and a big eyed needle.
I used my labelling tape on the neck band, next time I would give the inside hem band the same finish.
The hood was meant to be a single layer with a turned twice hem but I made a lined hood and trimmed the excess of the front.
I think I could have safety sewn it, as it was and gently stretched the two edges to meet.
It took me five hours sewing time but a fair bit of that was getting the pockets just right!
Zara actually wanted me to leave the cuffs off but I talked her into  it.
I think it needed them, to balance with the waist band.
~Zara's Verdict~
This jumper is amazing. I literally haven`t taken it off since Mum finished it. The fit is superb, I absolutely love it! 
The hood is really big and wonderful. I love the soft grey and will wear it to many netball trainings and games. 
Lekala patterns are amazing. I recommend them to any body who wants a perfectly fitted garment without having to spend hours of time fitting and making a muslin. 
I think I may be making a few more of these.
My girls seem to love their active wear.
And I love sewing things they like.
And I love them.

Thank you for reading, as always.
xx Nicole


  1. Great job on the hoodie! It looks adorable on her. Thanks for the link to the tutorial on shortening zippers. I've been looking for a good one on separating zippers for a while now.

    1. Thank you!
      I saved the cut off zipper pieces and I am going to try and remove the zipper stops and see if I can reuse them.
      My Biggies love their hoodies...
      xx N

  2. Love the last two pictures of the girls together! -Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah.
      I wondered about a 'silky' finish knit, whether this could be quite elegant?
      xx N

  3. Beautiful! The last two pictures of your girls together are so sweet. I need hand-holding with complex patterns, still, but when I feel more confident I may try one of those Lekala patterns :)

  4. Thank you Suze.
    There is no hand holding, make a welt pocket, um-yes, okay.....

    The Twins are very close, not at school, totally different friend groups but they spend a lot of time together at home.
    xx N

  5. Oh I just love those last pictures of the girls together :) This hoodie has such a unique design! You sewed it up fantastically!

  6. Thank you Kristin, I kind of wish I had a twin...
    xx N

  7. They both look amazing Nicole. I have taken down both patterns and i am going to have to get them and make my own

  8. Do Jenn, I think I may be making Elsa's and quite possibly Zara's too.
    Thank you!
    xx N