Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Short Cut Sailboat Pants

''Goodness gracious,fuss-bum Nicole taking short cuts''?
Not exactly,sort off,well it goes like this.......
I love the oliver+s Sailboat trousers but my troops are rough!
They kept splitting their rears!

So with a few wiggles here and there I have made a slightly sturdier pant that I think is a wee bit quicker to sew.

Warning-If you are a tender soul who likes to bind all the seams and hand stitch everything....

Following the pattern,interface the front facing.

Now instead of sewing a flat seam here,sew together and press to one side. I have had no issues with bulkiness doing this.

Keep following the pattern instructions.

I like to stitch my facing in place. I like topstitching and it makes ironing much quicker!

Mark and make the button holes. I decided on BIG buttons. That meant my buttons holes would be bigger then my facings.

This is where interfacing scraps come in handy!

Continue on with the instructions.

I like to trim the pocket edges with pinking shears.

Continue on with the instructions.

Sew the back seam together pressing the seam in the opposite direction to the front seam.

I like to finish my edges before sewing them together.
I overlock the straight edges and use a narrow zigzag to do the fiddly bits.

Sew the side seams as directed.

Clip as directed in the instructions.

After pressing the seam flat,I like to sew a tight zigzag to neaten and strengthen this spot.

Continue on with the pattern.

I had run out of button hole elastic so I took a tuck in the normal elastic to account for my mini daughter.
I neatened the end of the elastic and the tuck slid neatly into the casing.

Stitch the elastic in place.

Tidy Heidi.

Matching the crotch seam and notches,pin in place the inner leg. It may need a little ease.

Pin and sew.

There will be a little triangle poking out from the seam line.


I like to re-inforce this area.

Stitch this seam down(if you fancy)!

The outside view.

This step is in the instructions and is well worth doing,as I have already stitched the facing down,I just follow the stitch line.

When making small garments I find it easier to work inside out.

There we go......just a little may like to try it......or not!

But aren't they cute!

Paired with the 2+2 blouse.
Look Mummy-Buttons!

A late entry!

Well,Matilda likes them!

Thats all folks!
x N


  1. Thank you are a sweetheart!

  2. Thank you for this very helpful tutorial Nicole. The outfit is beautiful,I love the blues.

  3. Oh I love them! They have to be so cute on a little one. I'll I have to give this a try.

  4. Thank you Kim!
    I am determined to make her unisex outfits gender neutral but I am starting to crave girly fabric!

    They are great little pants Sharon-Thank you
    x N

  5. I just love those big buttons!

  6. Thanks Nicole!
    I've got a two (or three!) pair planned for the next few weeks - shall use your tips!
    Yours look great!

  7. Thank you Camille-Buttpn Love!

    I hope it is useful Justine.
    Thank you!
    x N

  8. Nicole, I'm just catching up on all your great sewing and tutorials! It's good to know how to make trousers sturdy. I could do with finding ways of making the knees indestructible too :-)
    I love your girls names and Matidla looks like she loves the camera - so, so sweet.

  9. He he Angela,I was thinking of you when I said ''Look away''! I always make Son's pants with double knees,he still goes through them but it buys me some time!

    Thank you,I chatted with Jed and he suggested to use the children's names,they did not like being anonymous-hopefully I t doesn't bite me on the bum!

    Thanks for your tips in the forum,I have not made that dress yet...I love to know things like that in advance!

    Thank you
    x N

  10. That's so funny about the "look away", because I read 'tender soul' and thought - she never means me!
    I have to tell you, that a lot of my binding and French Seams are to hide the terrible state of my stitching, your stitching always looks so incredibly neat.

    I should make a resolution to get involved in the Forum more - it's such a great resource. I only just noticed you were a Moderator - Congrats and well-deserved!

  11. Thank you Angela,I was pretty chuffed to be made one-I am so not cool.

    The forums are great,I always reread them before I make something,there are some great tips!

    He he you get a mention in my next blog comments too!
    x N