Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Great Ocean Road Part One

After our three nights in Port Fairy,
 we headed to Torquay via The Great Ocean Road.
Jed was estimating a five hour drive so I packed a book. I didn't even open it.
We could not get over how green it it. This is water lying on the roadside deep enough for ducks to swim in.
Love this!
First Stop.
We though we saw a seals but they turned out to be surfies.....

Its hard to comprehend the magnitude of these rocks.

Moving on.....

We went here next.
I took this looking over the edge.
Its a very long way down and as I was photographing a rock fell off the cliff and crashed to the beach,it was slightly unnerving.

From 200 foot away the noise from the waves was incredible.
But my chaps were more interested in play Pooh sticks.

Back on the road.
x N


  1. What spectacular scenery. The limestone rock formations are incredible. Looking forward to Great Ocean Road Part Two!

  2. Thank you Deb.
    My photos's really do not do it justice,it is so wonderful. Even Matilda was quite over whelmed!
    x N

  3. Fabulous photos Nicole! Truly spectacular...

  4. Thank you Justine. I am so pleased we have done it.
    x N

  5. This is fascinating!! Thanks for taking us along with you.

    1. My absolute pleasure Susanne,thank you for taking the time to have a look!
      xx N

  6. It is Sarah,it is wonderful to see different parts of our country.
    xx N