Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ruffled Halter Top-It's Free!

I thought that would get your attention!

This gorgeous top is available as a free download from oliver+s just click HERE!

Draft and cut out your pattern transferring all markings. I use notches to mark the ruffle positions.

I like to finish the edges in one batch(all three ruffles). There is a suggested finish in the instructions,I use a narrow zigzag.

The edge finished ruffles

I then neaten the top edge of ruffle 2 and 3.

The notches marking the ruffle placement lines

Following the pattern,pin the RIGHT side of the top ruffle to the wrong side of the top front. When the notches and edges meet there should be fullness in the ruffle piece. Pin horizontally to mark the tie casing where you do not stitch.

Stitch the top seam first.


When stitching is completed there should be an opening for the casing(see pencil)

Trim the sewn seam.

The trimmed seam

The trimmed top ruffle

Turn the ruffle,wrong sides together. Gently roll the seams,finger press and then iron.

Use a point turner to poke the casing seam back in if necessary and press well.

The top ruffle

Topstitch close to the top edge.

Following the pattern, mark the casing stitch line.

Press the finished casing.

I like to topstitch the arm seam UP TO the casing.

The completed top ruffle

Following the patterns given measurements,fold and iron the hem on the front.

Pin and stitch.

Press well.

Following pattern directions,gather the second ruffle with two rows of stitching. I do both ruffles at this point.

Mark the centre of the ruffle with a pin.

Pin the ruffle in place,lining up with the side notches and centre pin.

The ruffle in position

Pull up the gathering thread and pin in place easing the gathers evenly. Pin the top ruffle out of the way.

Lower the top ruffle to check that it will cover the second ruffle.

Stitch in place between the gathering threads.

I then zigzag over the finished edge to keep the ruffle edge smooth.

The stitched down ruffle

The attached ruffle

The back view

Two ruffles attached

Repeat the steps to add the third ruffle.

Checking the ruffle covers the raw edge

The finished front

The back view

The side of the front

Following the pattern,match the ruffle to the side seams,taking care to straighten the ruffle edges and keep them even.

    Baste the ruffle edges to the side seam.

Using the notches as guides,pre-fold and press the back pieces top and hem,but don't stitch them.

Pre-folded back

Pressed down

The back piece pre-folded,top edge and hem.

Pin the front and back right sides together and stitch between the notches(the two horizontal pins shown)

The pinned side seams

Check the seams for tucks.

Neaten the raw sides seams.

Press the seam to the back.

Following the pattern,fold the TOP edge of the back using the pre-pressed fold lines to create a casing.

The casing for the back elastic

Repeat with the hem but without leaving an opening.

Pinned and ready to sew!

Sewing the casing

Topstitching the top of the casing.

Sewing the hem.

Sewing the hem.

The finished top.

The back before elastic.

Take the opportunity to give the garment a good press before adding the elastic!

Thread elastic through the back casing,I cut mine 2/3 rds the back width,fit on my daughter and then trim. The 2/3 rds was a pretty good fit if the top is a gift.

Stitch the elastic in place following the pattern directions.

Following the pattern directions,make the tie.

Next time I shall make this first! Its seems fiddly at the end when you are nearly finished!

Thread the tie through the casing gently. Remember the top ruffle is on the bias and will stretch.


Thankyou for reading and looking at all the photos-you deserve a nice cup of tea........ and then go and down load the pattern!

x N


  1. I just ADORE this pattern. It looks so sweet on my Miss M. Being winter here, I layer it over top of a long-sleeved onesie, and it's just perfect. Great colour on your version here!

  2. I am definitely going to try that look for winter here The Hopscotch top makes a great layering t-shirt if you use two backs and make a simple neck band,I shall make some to go under the Ruffle tops.
    Thanks Susanne!

  3. Thanks for all these wonderful tutorials Nicole, but sadly, we never get the weather for tops like these, or the swing set. I would imagine that they would be perfect for the very hot weather you have had recently.
    I have made similar things for my eldest girl to wear over tops, and she has worn them, but they tend to get left in the wardrobe in our house.
    It is still very interesting to see how they are put together, so thank you again for taking the time to document all your work.

  4. How sweet of you to leave a comment Millie when this is basically useless to you!
    Thankyou so much for your support.

  5. Learning new skills from someone else is never useless! Even if I never make this particular top, I love to see how precisely you sew. It makes me want to try harder!

  6. Be still my beating heart! That orange is perfect!! I always do ties first for that very reason.

  7. Oh, and I MUST get an overlocker!

  8. When I was making this, Jed said 'Mel will like that'!
    He is so smart!

  9. YOU deserve the nice cup of tea after taking all those photos, downloading them and explaining the steps.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Thankyou Deb,it was quite a big job,but so much fun!
    I know,so many photos..... this is one of those patterns that was easier to show rather than tell!
    Thanks for taking the time to look in!

  11. Your instructions are amazing. Thank you. I have to find a way to download the pattern. I don't have a home computer or printer. I read blogs on my iPhone. I've read a few of your tutorials & your pictures & explanations are like no other!

  12. What a lovely thing to say,you are very welcome Eva and I hope you are able to down load the pattern some how.
    xxx N