Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Build it up

Hugo was looking for a holiday project.
He decided on a cubby house for his sisters.

First he built the roof.

Then he took Lid's rock picking.

Next he raided the paddock in which we had had clay spread.

With some chicken wire snaffled from the shed the building could begin.

After wrapping the chicken wire around two poles the wall cavity was filled with an organic trifle. A layer of rocks,then straw followed by runny clay.

The Foreman?

The Project Manager?

An army marches on its stomach!

The wall pre-filling.

Several hours of fun later!

I will keep you posted.....

Hugo enjoyed this project so much that when he heard our builder was working locally he rang him up and scored himself an after school job.

He is fitting in very well and asked if next Monday(his 14th Birthday) he can take the day off school and go to work.

PS(Look what I have finished)
to be continued.....

x N


  1. Looks like a lote of fun!! How proud you must be! Love the little dress too!

  2. They had a ball Sharon-you should have seen their clothes!!!!!!!!

    I am blogging the dress at the moment and it is in the mail off to a special friend!
    Thank you
    x N

  3. The first picture of Hugo is very beautiful. I love seeing the kids working together! What a great project.

  4. How fun! And how clever H is! I love spotting your labels on all of their clothes. Sarah is right, the top photo is beautiful.

  5. There is so much good to say about everything in this post! Fantastic pics, great teamwork, a big YAY for Hugo, and some wee cuteness at the end... love it all!

  6. Thank you Sarah!
    I o love them working together and working things out! There were a few squabbles mind you but thats when I take out food(purely by coincidence)!!!! and help sort those out!

    Thank you Millie,he is not a bad lad! I think we will keep him-particularly if he gets his builders ticket!
    Think tractor sheds!

    Thank you Susanne,high praise from you!
    I hope my writing is improving.
    Perhaps you could grade me?

    x N

  7. Love this! Fab school holiday project :-) can't wait to see the finished house

    Kids just love being outside and creating, don't they?

    Love the clay shots in their O+S

    Looking forward to more pics of the wee Playdate dress.... :-)

  8. It's wonderful to see them working together, and so creative. I can't wait to see more of that little dress.

  9. Thank you Justine,fun and mess!
    The tramp was covered in stiff,muddy clothes!

    I can't wait to show you the dress!

    Thank you Angela,I wish I had a video camera....

    I will show the dress soon-promise!

    x N

  10. Your boy is so amazing. He's kind and generous and I love that he wants to learn and do new things. I know no child is perfect, but he's gotta be close! What a delight it must be to see him grow into such an amazing young man.

    Also, now I want mangoes. And that pink hat. :)


  11. Thank you Melly!
    Hugo is a sweetheart now,but gosh he was a handful as a toddler!
    One way we counteracted that was to keep him busy and exhausted(to tired to throw tantrums was our reasoning)!

    I do enjoy him,we share a love of reading and dissecting the plots of books and movies.
    I will miss him when he moves on...

    The mangoes were yummy!

    Thank you!
    x N