Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Play Date part 3

Just a quicky today as I have farm work to do!

On to the sleeves.
Using the pattern piece as a guide,fold and stitch down to the transferred dots. This needs to be a proper stitch not a basting stitch like the centre front,as this pleat stays in permanently.

Create a 'tube' and press flat matching the centre notch to the stitching line.

The pleated sleeves.

At this point consider pre-sewing some of the sleeve hem. Or at the very least pre-fold and press well.
This can be jolly fiddly later on especially with the smaller sizes.

I pre-sew my hem leaving enough either end to sew the side seams.

Gather between the notches on the top of the sleeve pieces.
I do two rows of number 4 stitch length straight stitches.

Pin the centre notch of the sleeve to the shoulder seam.
The working from each edge,pin from the dress side up to the notches.
If you sew from the dress side there seems to be less hassle with tucks. Strange but true!

Gather the sleeve up to the centre notch until the sleeve edge and the dress edge are even.

Once I am happy with my gathers I like to pull the other threads through and knot them both.
This allows me to adjust my gathers and not risk stretching them.

Knotting the threads.
Now I can adjust my gathers without worrying!
Repeat on the other side.

Stitch the seam from the dress side.

Neaten the seam and press well.

Press the seam towards the sleeve.

Random picture of sister love......
and I love these sisters!

Press well from the right side and then repeat with the second sleeve.

And there we are.....and I am off to bed!
x N