Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Beamish Boy Part 2

So it was Hugo's birthday yesterday and he turned 14.
Presents? You may ask...

Well not exactly....

There were off course presents cleverly wrapped by his sisters.

Boxer shorts from Elsa.

A fish bracelet from Lidia(Yes she did choose it herself and he insisted he loved it and wore it all day)!

A DVD(I Shouldn't Be Alive) from Zara(Who was poorly and still in bed asleep).

I had made him a new shirt.....(more on that later)

And from Dad? What lad doesn't want a 45 m roll of camo fabric bought cheap from E-bay?
Does he have plans for this!

When my tribe have a birthday I let them have the day off school providing all their work is up to snuff.

Hugo was and requested his day off to be spent on the building site where he recently scored an after school job.

He declined a cake and asked instead for a lasagne to take to work and share with the builders.

So he spent his day digging ditches and came home with the biggest smile on his face and was asleep by 8:30 pm.

x N
PS Thanks for all the birthday wishes,he was chuffed!


  1. He sounds like a pretty good kid! And I think a 45m roll of camo fabric is a great gift!

  2. What a lovely birthday! Perfect all round :-)
    I love that he spent his day working!

  3. He has plans to bivouac the play ground Brittany!
    I am ignoring requests for uniforms.......

    I do not get boys/men Justine,work on his birthday?
    He had a ball.

    x N

  4. I love that work is fun for him - he would make a good Amishman

  5. He certainly has a good attitude to work Sandi,I wish I had half his energy!
    xxxx N