Monday, October 3, 2011

Clever New Patterns

They have been revealed and they are gorgeous!


Watch this space.......


  1. Chickadee is coming here for sure but I'd like to see some more details on the Kestral coat and Raven pants before I decide on those.
    CC put out a request for bloggers to test/review the fall patterns. Did you sign up? With your lovely crew of models and passion and speed for sewing, you'd be perfect for it.

  2. I love the Chickadee pattern!

  3. I would have loved to test sew but not really practical being in AUS.
    Thank you though,it would have been so exciting. I do have a passion for this range of patterns.

    I think the coat is divine,I have some cream wool pegged for that. The Twins love the ''Hoody'' cape and the Chickadee skirt.
    Lidia loves the Eider tunic(what is an Eider)?

    I think they work beautifully with the existing patterns too.

    So do I Sarah,so elegant and modest but still very very groovy!

    I can't wait!
    X N

  4. Can't wait to see your creations. Love this line of patterns and when I finally get back to sewing will have to try one out. Thanks for your inspiration, as always!
    (Oh, and an Eider is a seaduck found in the northern hemisphere. Their down feathers are used for quilts - maybe you've heard the term 'eider down'?

  5. Thanks Deb,I have an eider down on my bed!

    I am so excited about these patterns,my Twins love them!