Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Beamish Boy

Hugo Thomas Edward Keller
It was a big name for a little baby

Hugo 5 weeks
But he grew and soon there were another two...

A sweeter big brother you could not find.

Birthdays came and went.

And he did indeed grow into his name.

I love the fella and I am so proud to be in his life.

Happy Birthday Cobber!
x Mum


  1. Happy Birthday, Hugo!

    He's growing up to be a handsome fellow, Nicole.:)

  2. Happy Birthday Hugo! He seems like a great big brother and a wonderful son! Lots to be proud of!

  3. Happy Birthday from Canada, Hugo! I hope your day was wonderful, you deserve it!

  4. Happy birthday from Los Angeles, wonderful Hugo!

  5. Happy birthday Hugo! (& birthday hugs to you too, Nicole!)

  6. Oh Happy Birthday Hugo. Such a wonderful big brother and all round good egg!

  7. Happy Birthday H! We were only just discussing him and his reasons for wearing colourful boxers! Clever boy!....He'll go far!

  8. Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I have grown up to be this young man because i have a great mum who taught me how to behave and be kind. From Hugo

  9. Happy Happy Birthday, Hugo! A bit belated, I know.

  10. He is a smoothy, indeed. And he's correct!

  11. Like I've said to you before Nicole; the fruit doesn't fall from the tree.
    Many Happy returns Hugo. You are truly blessed!

  12. Happy Birthday, Hugo! You're an awesome fella and it's always fun to see what you're up to on your mom's blog.


  13. Thank you Sandi!

    That is so sweet of you Deb,Thank you!

    Hugo till has ''B D'S'' photo up,he loves it
    Thanks Melly!

    x N