Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sunday,it was hot!
So we did what Australian children have done for years.
We set up the slip and slide!

Now this is a proper job.

Not the 'black plastic with a brick on the sprinkler'' version I made with my friends as a child.

With some dish wash liquid squirted on it so you slid really fast.

It would get sand on it from dirty feet.

That would cut your skin as you slid along.

Sometimes you would shoot off the end.

You had to look out for little tackers!

Or you would knock them flying!

Someone always had a dog that would bark like mad and try to nip you as you did your run up.

You would stick the little ones,

In a bucket,

To keep them out of the way.

Because you knew if they had a go,they would fall over.

x N


  1. So much fun! We have almost the same slip-n-slide track, but it's much too cold here to use it right now!

  2. Thank you Susanne!

    You probably purchased it from the same catalogue for the kindy fundraiser.
    Today it is cold and raining and I have lit the fire.
    No wonder there are so many asthmatics in SA!

  3. Looks like a fun, fun day Nicole!
    What is that you are working on in Modern Workshop.... all to be revealed soon I hope!

  4. This looks SO FUN! Am I too old to do this sort of thing now? I hope not. Next summer, I'm looking into a slip 'n slide.

  5. Thank you Jenn x

    A good end to a sticky day,Karen,and the lawn was watered at the same time!

    Jed and I had a go Inder,and No,you may not see those photo's!

    Thank you
    x N

  6. ahhh the good old slip and slide. We had one as kids - our only problem was our back yard was on a slope - which meant you went REALLY fast without much effort! I still remember the sore stomach muscles the day after from all the running and flopping down on our tummies!. We also didnt have that lovely cushioned end to ours - straight onto the grass to be covered in clippings athe inevitable mud that would form at the bottom of the slope.

  7. On a slope-how fabulous!
    You would not have needed Palmolive!

    Thanks for stopping by.
    x N

  8. Hehehe - we got our slip and slide out yesterday too!

    Love the last pic! Kids playing, mum sewing!

  9. It looks like it was a fun afternoon! I'll have to give the dishsoap tip a try next summer.

  10. So funny that I forget the whole world doesn't experience the same weather at the same time. As it gets hot in your part of the world, it is getting cold here. Enjoy the sun and warmth for us.

  11. Great photos Nicole! I love seeing how the other half lives! The other half being the ones who get warm enough weather to take your cardigan off! There is no chance for this year...that's for sure! You enjoy it for us, like Sarah says!
    BTW..We have an ordinary slide that we use furniture polish on!

  12. it was blue Nicole! with the water coming out of one side.

  13. I suspect a little hand soap was squirted on this Cindy.....

    Thanks Sarah.
    I find that hard looking at the sewing on Flickr,I feel like I am wrong!

    What would a ''hot'' day be for you chaps Millie?
    Furniture polish-oh no! No way am I passing that one on! We already spend a fortune on their teeth!

    Oh Melissa,you were lucky! We begged for one of those!

    x N

  14. So much fun! I may have to buy the kids one of these next summer.