Saturday, October 15, 2011

Play Date part 4

One question.....
Do you really need pockets?
If you are making this dress for a baby consider skipping the pockets.
Babies really don't need pockets and you will save a lot of fiddle time.

Honestly,under 12 months of age,skip the pockets and sew the side seams.
However,Lidia is a sniffly child and likes her hankies.
So she needs somewhere to keep it,so a pocket is needed.
Just one mind!
Feel free to do both-Just rinse and repeat!

Note-This is my interpretation of the pattern instructions.
I like to pre-neaten my seams on the dress.

And the pocket bag.
This is a little fiddly but worth it.

Press the neatened seams well.
Take care not to cut the notches off.

Pin the right side of the pocket bag to the right side of the dress matching notches.

Double check that the pockets line up before stitching them in place.

Stitch the pockets with a narrow seam allowance(check the pattern instructions).

Press well with the seams towards the pocket.

Topstitch the seam close to the edge.

Press well.

Matching notches pin the side seams. I like to chalk the sewing line at the edges of the pockets.

Press the seam open.

Press the seam open above and below the pocket.
The pattern instructions suggests to cut the seam above and below the pocket,you may choose to.
I did with the first few and then forgot,it seems fine without it.

It can be tricky to press an open seam in the sleeve. Try pressing the seam back on its self.
It will open up nicely.

Fold and press the sleeve hem in place.

Its so much easier to hem this tiny piece!

Try sewing on the inside of the tube,it can be make fiddly openings easier to sew.

Side seams done.

Thank you Emily for your encouragement.
x N


  1. Great tip on leaving out the pockets!

    Can't wait to see the first one finished!

  2. Lazy tip maybe Justine....but it saves ironing time too!

    Thank you!
    (The top dress is Claire's)!

  3. I agree with you to dispense with pockets for babies. But as soon as they are walking, well then, a pocket is a perfect place to hide a little treasure.
    Your Playdate dress turned out really well!

  4. Thank Deb,I had to giggle when I read your comment! After several buggered machines due to Hugo's love of stuffing 'treasures' into every single pocket he had on his pants I actively dissuade the popping of ''treasures'' into pockets and encourage the use of ''treasure'' baskets and buckets.

    You are quite right though,children love pockets!
    x N