Monday, October 10, 2011

Play Date part 2

Last time we had finished the yoke.
Now we sew it to the dress.

Following the pattern,create the front pleat by folding the dress front in half right sides together and basting stitch to the lines indicated on the pattern piece.
Press this down in the middle to create a flattened 'tube'.
Pin this in place.

Baste around the necklines of the front and back dress.
Note-I neaten the edges of my shoulder seams now before sewing together.

Sew the shoulder straps together.

Press the seams open.

Prepare the binding and press in half length wise.

Pin the binding in place around the neck opening. Take your time and be accurate with matching the curve.
Do not pin all the way,leave a length either side to sew together later.
Stitch the binding in place following the curve. Sew carefully as this will be the yoke guide line.

Following the pattern,open up the unstitched binding and fold at opposite angles until the centre fold and the edges match well.
This can be fiddly but it is worth taking your time as it gives a beautiful finish.
Once you are happy with the result,press the new fold lines in gently.
These are now your stitching lines.

Pin and stitch along the fold line.

Gently press the seam open and check it fits the neck opening.

Once you are happy with the binding,trim the seams.

Pin in place and trim any overlap.

Stitch the remaining binding.
Note-Consider neatening the neck seam now,I overlock mine.

Pin the yoke in place using the stitching line as a guide.
I like to pin the shoulder seams,front and back and then pin each section.

Use lots of pins and easing,it will fit,you have a far bit of stretch from the bias to fiddle with.

I like to use a lot of pins!
Once the piping is even around the yoke top stitch in place close to the edge of the yoke.

The stitched yoke.
Press well.

Time to make the ruffles.

Fold the ruffle in half length wise right sides together.
Catch a scrap of ribbon longer then the ruffle inside the 'tube'.

Pin the ribbon in place and sew along the top and then down one side.

The stitched ruffle 'tube' with a tail!

Gently tug the tail and pull the fabric through to the right side.

Once it is all pulled through roll between your fingers to flatten it.
Snip off its Tail but don't cut the ruffle!

Topstitch the 'tail' end and fold a small hem at the other and sew with a small stitch.
Some tissue will deter 'hungry' machines.

Sew a gathering thread either side of the ruffle(large stitch).
Using the pattern as a guide place a ruffle on the yoke.
I like to mark the lines with chalk.

Pull up the drawstrings until the ruffle fits the yoke.
Pin in place.

Stitch down the middle of the ruffle.

How sweet!
Remove the gathering threads.

At this point Lidia wandered in and we started discussing buttons!
Yellow mother-of-pearl?

White river stone flowers?

Mother-of-pearl flowers?

Dark timber?

Big white river stone?

Lots of little black buttons?

Any who........
Rinse and repeat!

How sweet is this dress?
Next up-The sleeves!
x N


  1. I rather like the yellow MOP or the dark timber but any of the choices will be nice!

  2. Thank you Cindy.
    Choosing the buttons is the fun bit!
    x N

  3. I like the yellow buttons as well, they're striking. Thanks for the ruffle tip - I fiddled with that part on mine!

  4. Thank you Melanie!
    I cannot remember where I saw the ruffle tip.....I try to give credit where it is due.
    It may have been in the Ice Cream Dress Social.
    x N

  5. I am studying this closely, as this is my next planned sew!! Yellow mustard linen will be involved. And ric-rac! I'm so excited!!!

  6. Oh lovely, mustard yellow linen and ric-rac sounds just about perfect!
    I love love LOVE this dress and can't wait to see it on Miss Maggie.
    xx N