Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cinders-You Shall Go To The Ball!

The Fab Five off to the ball

Lidia in her Apple Dumpling dress
Matilda in Her Chic Swing Coat
Zara wearing a Seashore dress
Elsa in a Birthday Party dress
Hugo in Sketchbook.
Lovely food
Taking after Mum?
Daddy and Chocolate-What more does a girl need?

Don't ask!
Beautiful People
Nut Bush City Limits

Smoke machine
Come Fly
With Me!
Daddies Girl
Over there!
Tickle tickle
Tickle tickle tickle
My Beau of the Ball

Thanks for stopping by....

Clothes by oliver+s  heidi&finn and Lisette


  1. Beautiful, beautiful Family who are dressed oh so sharp! I can't decide who's ensemble I like best.:) Do you have any pics of your outfit in it's entirety? I'd love to see it!

    btw, if you're overwhelmed with comments from me, I was having trouble having my comment show up. It kept disappearing every time I clicked post comment. I ended up adjusting my "cookie" restriction level and the comment popped up.

  2. Thank you Cindy!
    Only fuzzy ones of me but I did feel very pretty.

    Only the one lovely comment...
    xx N

  3. Oh boy, your family makes me smile!!!
    *tickle, tickle*

  4. You are the most amazing family, Nicole - these pics are just so full of love and happiness

  5. Fabulous pictures of a beautiful family! Like Cindy, I wanted to see a full length picture of you! I love the way your kids play with each other or in this case, dance with each other! I don't think my brother would have ever danced with me when we were young.

  6. You all look gorgeous, and so very happy! If I had to pick a favourite (not easy) it would be Elsa's birthday party dress - lovely from all angles. Oh - and the pink feathers. Emu???

  7. Lovely family, Nicole! :)

    Do you know if the Heidi&Finn patterns have a 'body measurement chart'? I contacted the seller a week ago, but never heard back. I did a quick search and it appears I am not the only one asking this question. :) Thanks for the help.


  8. Thank you Susanne!
    What little girl can resist a feather?

    That is so sweet of you Justine,we do our best and muddle along quite well most(but not all)times.

    Thank you Sarah,the children have just completed dance classes at school which probably helped!
    No photos of me,or only really fuzzy ones-that might work! Hide a few wobbly bits!

    Thank you Catherine.
    Elsa has had so much wear from that dress and it is lovely!
    Not so lovely to press I may add.

    I have not seen a chart Carol. I assumed as they are baby/toddler clothes they have a relaxed fit. The size is indicated in years so I would think you make the choice regarding your own baby. If your child is bigger than average-size up. Smaller-size down.
    Do you have some grandchildren on the way?

    Thank you all for your lovely compliments
    x N

  9. Thanks, Nicole. I guess I am use to body measurements, even on baby/toddler clothes. :) I find I can better plan choosing a size, if I have body measurements.

    No grandchildren on the way...but we have lots of little people in our lives. I enjoy sewing gifts and we have had a string of new babies in our church over the past few years.

    I noticed the owner of the patterns is from Canada, was I was excited to see that. I like to be able to support Canadian businesses if I am able.

    Thanks again,