Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Bed Time Story for the Twins

Time for another little gush about oliver+S patterns I have sewn a lot of different brand of patterns. I own over 500 (many handed on to me). But I simply adore these ones!
My children are pretty canny, they have worked out very quickly,if they want a new outfit, to wave an O+S pattern under my nose and they are one step up the sewing ladder.

The girls all need new pajama's (or japama's as Small One words it), so Bed Time Story x 9 here we come!
3 for the twins as their last pair still fit, and 3 each for Small and Little One. 1 in the drawer , 1 in the wash and 1 on!( And yes I can count the Twins will be a pair short but no one , not even me , wants to sew 10 pairs of pajama's, no matter how cute they are)!

I finished up the Twins this afternoon. I made them from some beautiful Amy Butler LOVE flannelette. When I purchased it I was anticipating wool fabric, as it was listed as flannel, so I was planning  Sunday Brunch jackets and skirts. However it being such gorgeous fabric I was not disappointed for long.

They are such a smart looking set and by replacing the ties with ribbon they were quicker to make AND I think the ribbon ties will stay done up better.
I had the same problem with attaching the neckband as I had previously....I think I may have marked the 'clip to' dots incorrectly. After stitching the neck band I am left with a little gap in my shoulder seam, so I had a fiddle and came up with this solution.

The dreaded gap!

I stitched over the gap with a wide zigzag using a small stitch length catching both edges neatly together.

Zigzag stitching

I then trimmed away the seam excess trimming up to but not cutting the neckband.
The finished inside shoulder seam

Finally I folded the edges of the seam allowance back under to make a neat 'arrow', stitching this in place. I followed the pattern for attaching the neckband after this detour.

And here they are...
Tumble Roses

Tumble Roses trimmed with Sun Spots
Sun Spots
A good days work!


  1. A very good day's work indeed! Lucky lucky girls :)

  2. Isn't it nice when you start something in the morning and finish it that day?
    That never happens anymore.... but it did today!

  3. fab fabrics and fab sewing I love the O&S patterns too.

  4. Wow, great PJ's, and so quick! You must be fast. Can't wait to see what you sew next for your lucky children!
    Btw, thanks for the lovely comment on my dress :-)