Monday, March 21, 2011

Check out my Portfolio!

I know,terrible title,but I am making a curry,reading a story book and I have to walk down to meet the bus or the driver will report me to DECS!

I have finished another Portfolio,this time a tunic with red stitching(thank you Cindy)to wear over black leggings(not made yet)!

This time I stitched down the pockets to use some more of the lovely red thread,hopefully it won't make it uncomfortable to wear.

As usual,I sewed the neck piece back to front,the opposite way to the instructions. I was given this idea from a young designer and I use it for most attachments.

I prep the front yoke by folding a 3/8'' seam allowance.
Stitch your button loops in place,following the pattern instructions.

Stitch your neck yokes together and trim the seams.

Rolling the seam so that it is nice and even,give the yoke a good steamy press and pin in place.
Top stitch s l o w l y !


More Ta-dah's

When I told Jed I was going to wear it with black leggings he looked a bit blank. I am not generally a knit fabric girl,but I have seen a lot of women wearing them,that perhaps,well,shouldn't .....
So I figure I can too!

Thanks for reading chaps!



  1. Well done. Looks great! Especially like the red top stitching.
    What do you mean about sewing the neck piece back to front opposite to instructions?
    Black leggings will look great with this dress too, BTW.

  2. Thanks Deb!
    The pattern calls for you to sew the front yoke on first and ''stitch in the ditch''(I think),I like to top stitch my final seam when ever possible.

  3. wow! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it on - leggings and all!

  4. I'm a fan of top stitching too. The red is great and you can totally pull off leggings! Can't wait to see!

  5. It's lovely! Looking forward to the modeled shots!
    I have seen some of those ladies too....must be a global thing!

  6. Thanks Justine,I am sure I must have a pattern some where ....

    Oh you are sweet Mel,thats why I made my tunic longer,so hopefully I can pull off leggings!!!!!!

    Thank you Millie,I had better cut my head off,everyone else is!
    Its not a good look is it,the too tight leggings.
    My darling Nana used to say ''Just because you can,doesn't mean you should''!

    X N

  7. Hmmm, those ladies really get around. They are here in the US too wearing leggings with too-short tops. That said, this will look darling with black leggings! There is no easier outfit either - works for pretty much every situation.

  8. Thank you Camille.
    You hit the nail on the head,its not the leggings that are a problem,its the tops that are a weeeee bit short.

    I don't think I have worn leggings since the 90's.

  9. This will be so comfy and easy to wear. Perfect for the cold days coming.

  10. Very cute tunic! I like the red topstitching.

  11. It looks great Nicole. Like everyone else, can't wait for the modelling pictures!

  12. When the leggings first started coming in style, I kept thinking "really?" and now that I've found stirrup pants at the Gap, I'm certain we're re-visiting 1989. I have to say, it's a wonderful, modest (because I'm always sitting on the floor in a dress with my kids) alternative to tights.
    P.S. Nice work, as always on the top stitching.

  13. Thanks so much for posting these great journeys through your sewing of the new Lisette patterns. My patterns just arrived a few days ago, and after completing my muslin portfolio dress yesterday, i am starting a tunic in a light grey/ khaki denim. Your blog has been so helpful - knowing where i am likely to fine tune adjustments aswell !
    Also a big fan of Oliver & S patterns - and find the images of clothes you have made your gorgeous children very motivating aswell.
    So again - a big thank-you !!!

  14. Thanks Sandi, wore it to Inter-school sports day over moleskin jeans and a skivvy. Very warm and snuggy,but got covered in mud so not the best for a photo shoot!

    Thank you Ruth,thank you for stopping by.

    Thank you Melissa,how sweet of you!

    Oh my goodness Johanna,Stirrup pants! They were all the rage when I was a nanny!
    Thank you!

    Wow Chantal,what a lovely thing to say,you are most welcome and thanks for reading!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make!

    X N